Happy New Year Landuse Message

Landuse Happy New Year Message:

I cut my landuse teeth on OFF-ROAD INTERNET forums – listening to what you have to say – going on 12 years. But now I have the ability to take what I’ve learned from you and apply it to reshaping our landuse battles nationwide. With the support of the BRC Board of Directors, I am the new Director of Operations for BRC, charged with bringing my "forum-sense" into the battles.
But landuse is not a one-man or one-group job though; we need a team more than ever.


There are 1.5 million recorded subscribers (members) in just a dozen off-road forums (I added them up). We have a strong voice if we start shouting with it – louder and longer and more often! Sure there is overlap between forums; but still, there are a lot of us who are NOT members of organizations or clubs and there are about 200 forums out there that I didn't count. THAT is where our New Year will make a difference in our trail access when we ALL become strong supporters of those groups fighting for us.

If you truly want a Happy New Year, then realize that it starts simply with a click to join (or renew) your memberships. I hope you will start with your national umbrella group that I now direct – the BlueRibbon Coalition ( Then add the groups and clubs that make sense to you from there.

Make this New Year the best ever….


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