IH8MUD.com NITRO GEAR – Diff Comparison, 100-series vs. FJ Cruiser

awww.ih8mud.com_wp_content_uploads_2014_05_Nitro_Gear_100_vs_FJC_2_200x112.jpgEver wondered? These photos should demonstrate expectations of how well an 8” rearend should hold up, whether stock or re-geared. The vehicles are relatively similarly sized and weight when outfitted. The FJ Cruiser actually has MORE Horsepower than the Landcruiser does, yet….

(Same applies to: 03-09 4Runner, 05+ Hilux, 05+ Tacoma WITH E-locker, Prado 120)

At least the 2010+ FJ Cruiser, 4runner and Prado 150 have been upgraded by Toyota…


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