question on repairing an axle


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Apr 26, 2021
i'm not a rock crawler person gut i have a question that maybe some guys here can help me with. this is my neighbors car i'm trying to help him with it

it is a 03 blazer and i had the driver axle blow out the axle seal must have failed and it ran out of lube and wore the axles under the bearing about 1/4" down into the axle. anyway before i got involved with this he put in a new bearing and seal and mig welded the axle surface and ground it down. at that time he put in a bearing and seal and pounded the axle back into the housing. anyway that lasted all of a week

now that weld was not the best repair but that is what it is now. it came back and this time i got involved and this is what we did. so maybe some here will say good bad or i messed up

we found the axle end cracked and i think that forced the bearing to ride out of the axle and take the seal with it and that drained the lube in a day! so what i did was drill small holes in the end of the cracks, i have done that in my machine repair trade for years, then i ground down into a u shape over the cracks and filed it back with weld. then ground that down flush with the outside of the axle and then took a 12 ga pc of flat steel and formed it to the size of the axle and clamped it to the outside of the axle and welded it and move the clamp until it was done. 360 deg. i tacked it so as not to put too much heat into the end of the axle. then finished off the repair so the caliper mount would fit on and cleaned up the inside and the bearing press back in as tight as the other side was.

then put in a new seal and greased it so it would not fail before the ube made it to the bearing.

so outside of replacing the axle unit do you think this is going to work or should we start looking for a used axle as this is only going to by us some time.

thanks for any ideas
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