Reno Stampede Best Prepared Trail Rig Team Challenge 2011

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Anyone who would like to enter the Reno Stampede Ultra4 Team Challenge for the Best Prepared Trail Rig (and win tons of goodies), the contest is open.
Friday night Sep. 9th in Reno, NV.
Anyone can enter; teams up to four folks. 4x4's and UTV's; does not have to be street legal.
Hosted by Del & Stacie Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition.
Dozens of business sponsors with donated goodies for you to win!
All done in fun; no driving required; it's like a scavenger hunt on your rig.
It's also about landuse and awareness for our trail-saving efforts.
Last time at King of the Hammers GenRight Team Challenge, we gave away about $5000 in prizes and goodies.
Here is more info and the entry form:
thanks, Del

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