RidderFab #413 Limited 4 takes on Antigo, WI TORC/MORR series

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Feb 17, 2011
Oshkosh, WI
RidderFab Offroad Racing 413 Limited 4 Toyota Land Cruiser part of the show at Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, WI.

July 5th 2012, Team RidderFab driver Jimmy Ridderbush and crew member Jason Feucht displayed the #413 at Rick’s 45 Roadhouse just north of Antigo for the upcoming July 7th and 8th TORC/MORR racing weekend at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, WI. The Antigo track presented a great challenge to the track workers this year. Stock Car racing used to keep the track surface in good condition for the Off Road Race weekends but this year the stock cars have been silent and the grass has all but taken over the track. The track crew did a great job battling the dry conditions and producing the best race surface possible. Antigo is one of the favorite sportsman facilities due to the grandstand’s full view of the track, the pits open to spectators to meet the racers, the electrical sites available to racers and the great hospitality of Langlade County.

RidderFab went in to the race weekend with some new suspension tweaks to improve on track performance. The truck was handling better than ever when disaster struck on lap five of an exhibition run that included Jimmy Ridderbush in the #413 Limited 4, Johnny Greaves in the #22 Pro 4 and Jerry Conrad in the #38 Limited 4. The truck hooked in a hairpin corner and rolled several times. The TORC safety crew responded quickly and Jimmy crawled out unharmed. Once the track crew got the truck back to the RidderFab pit the crew assessed the situation and determined it was best to get the truck ready to go home where the team can fix the truck in the shop. Jimmy commented Saturday evening: “New truck’s rarely get built without some issues to sort out. We know what we have to do. The truck was handling better than ever today. We will be back on the track soon.” The RidderFab Crew will go back to work with a goal of getting to Bark River, MI for the UP Offroad 100 August 11th and 12th. Look for the orange, white and yellow Toyota Land Cruiser sponsored by Prusik Livestock, Veterans Mechanical, and Jahnke Auto Body to work to the front of the Limited 4 class as it gets dialed in to compete.

About the Class

Limited 4x4 consists of a custom built tube frame truck no longer than 117” wheel base, no less than 3600lbs, no more than 93” wide. Wheel travel is limited to 14” in the front and 16” in the rear. A Limited 4 must represent a truck that was produced over 5000 units per year and is readily available to the public. RidderFab built a 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser to meet the class specifications.

About the truck:

1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Small Block Chevrolet engine

Turbo 400 transmission

GM Transfer Case

Dana 44 front axle

RidderFab 9” rear end housing

Howe Steering

BFG Tires


Greg Prusik Livestock

Veteran’s Mechanical

Baumgarts Tire and Wheel

Jahnke Auto Body

Truck was built exclusively and with great pride by Jimmy Ridderbush of RidderFab Offroad and the Crew of Team RidderFab.

Team Members for 2012

Greg Prusik – Owner

Jimmy Ridderbush- Fabricator and Driver

Ken Fischer- Electrician, Crew Chief and Spotter

Craig Skadahl- Lead Mechanic

Jason Feucht- Assistant Fabricator and Mechanic

Dan Bergin- Shocks, supplies, P.R.

Many people have assisted Team RidderFab in 2012 including Scott Douglas Motorsports. The team appreciates the support of Prusik Livestock, Veterans Mechanical, Baumgarts Tire, Jahnke Auto Body and wishes to thank all of you with positive results on the track in 2012. The Team is proud to represent our sponsors, our series and all those who push on for the future of Short Course Offroad Racing.


Bark River, MI August 11th and 12th

Crandon, WI September 1st – 3rd

Find RidderFab Racing on Facebook and LIKE us to get updates weekly and each race. Also follow RidderFab on Twitter @RidderFab413. RidderFab has additional marketing opportunities available for partners interested in ROI 2012 and 2013.


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