Robby Gordon Off-Road Providing Full Service Off-Road Pit Support With MAG-7 and Toyo Tires

unnamed-37.jpgANAHEIM, Calif. (Jan. 22, 2015) – Robby Gordon Off-Road, Toyo Tires and Magnificent Seven (MAG-7) have partnered to deliver full on-course race support for 12 of North America’s top off-road events, including all SCORE-International (SCORE) and Best in the Desert (BITD) races beginning with the SCORE San Felipe 250 on Jan. 22-25.

The program will allow all competitors racing on Toyo Tires to have full pit support from MAG-7 including its legendary fuel and tire service with team-specified fuel and choice of Toyo® Open Country® racing tires. At all BITD events Robby Gordon Off-Road will have main pit set up in addition to on-course pit support.

Pit-support is available to all competitors at no charge, with the exception of fuel and tires, provided the teams compete on Toyo Tires.

Participation in the program automatically includes entry into the Toyo Tires contingency program. First-place finishes in Trophy Truck or Class 1400 will earn competitors $3,000 in Toyo Bucks, second-place $2,000 and third-place $1,000. Class 1, Class 1500 or Class 6100 will earn $1,500 in Toyo Bucks for first place, $1,000 for second place and $750 for third.

Toyo Bucks can be redeemed for Toyo racing tires, passenger tires or light truck tires.

Toyo Tires has become the No. 1 performing tire in off-road racing due to significant investments in engineering and research and development specifically targeted toward its off-road tires. Not only have Gordon, B.J. Baldwin and Kyle LeDuc earned off-road championships on Toyo Tires, but Gordon has also raced more than 10,000 miles on Toyo Tires in the rugged Dakar Rally since 2012 without having a single tire failure.

Robby Gordon Off-Road and MAG-7 will provide these services at the following races:

•SCORE San-Felipe Baja 250, Jan. 22-25
•King of the Hammers, Feb. 2-6
•BITD Bluewater Parker 425, Feb. 6-8
•SCORE Baja Sur 500, April 17-19
•BITD Mint 400, March 13-15
•NORRA Mexican 1000, April 25-29
•BITD Silverstate 300, May 1-3
•SCORE Baja 500, June 5-7
•BITD Vegas to Reno, Aug. 13-15
•BITD Bluewater Challenge, Oct. 9-11
•SCORE Baja 1000, Nov. 18-21
•BITD Henderson 250, Dec. 4-6

Toyo race tires are available in six different sizes from Robby Gordon Off-Road. These choices also include a UTV spec. For more details on the Toyo Open Country racing tires, including a list of sizes, visit


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