Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer: Spring Cleaning for Fuel Injectors and Fuel System Components

Porter, TX (March 4, 2015) – Inside and out, even cars can need a little spring cleaning from time to time. As miles build up, today’s direct injected engines are especially susceptible to suffer from clogged and otherwise fouled injectors, robbing engines of power, decreasing fuel economy and negatively affecting emissions and engine responsiveness.

To address all of these issues and more, synthetic lubricant and chemical manufacturer Royal Purple developed Max-Atomizer, a premium fuel injector cleaner that uses a proprietary detergent package to clean fuel system components and stabilize ethanol-blended fuel.

Max-Atomizer is the most concentrated fuel injector cleaner on the market, and uses entirely unique technology to outperform other additives. Formulated specifically for direct-injection gasoline (DIG) engines – but effective in all types of gasoline and diesel engines – Max-Atomizer helps to reverse lost engine performance that is the result of fouled or coked injectors.

It is the only fully-synthetic, polyether amine-based (PEA) fuel injector cleaner developed specifically for DIG and the only fuel injector cleaner that also stabilizes ethanol-blended fuel. Over time ethanol-blended fuels can chemically break down, causing corrosion, fuel line gumming and other harmful effects to engines and fuel systems.

When added to a vehicle’s gas tank, Max-Atomizer has been shown to:

  • Improve fuel mileage, power, throttle response, and emissions
  • Produce smoother idle and quicker starts
  • Improve extreme hot and cold weather engine operation
  • Enhance lifespan of fuel pumps and fuel injectors


Extensive independent testing has shown that, when used as directed, Max-Atomizer can restore fuel injector flow to 100-percent of factory specification; optimizing injector spray patterns, and better atomizing fuel for better–more complete–combustion, which reduces emissions and increases performance. In a controlled fleet test, this resulted in an average 2.2-percent improvement in fuel economy (up to 5-percent), and an average 1.6-percent increase in horsepower (up to 3.2-percent) as a result of cleaning accumulated deposits from fuel injectors.

Royal Purple’s Max-Atomizer is EPA and CARB compliant, and available online and at O’Reilly and AutoZone stores across the country for $7.49. One 6 oz. bottle treats 10-20 gallons of fuel, including all ethanol blends, biofuel, bio-diesel, diesel and ULSD, with treatment recommended every 3,000 miles for best results.

For additional information on Royal Purple and its full-line of premium synthetic products, please visit

About Royal Purple

Royal Purple is the world’s leading lubricant company: The Performance Oil That Outperforms®. Its product portfolio includes a complete line of premium synthetic lubricants and performance chemicals for automotive, commercial trucking and industrial applications. With its proprietary Synerlec® technology serving as the cornerstone for most of the company’s products, Royal Purple lubricants excel in head-to-head performance tests by outperforming the competition. For additional information about Royal Purple, visit or call toll-free 888-382-6300. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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