King Shocks takes takes seven of the top eight positions overall

King Shocks Top Overall Finishes:1st – #32 Ryan Arciero (07:56:49.109)2nd – #6172 Dustin Grabowski (08:08:06.534)4th Place – #1575 James Dean (08:10:32.747)5th – #97 BJ Baldwin (08:10:54.877)6th – #127 Kyle Jergensen (08:12:01.271)7th – #24 Adam Householder (08:12:17.527)8th – #90 Raul Gomez (08:20:46.684)


It was exactly one year ago, to the race, that Ryan Arciero lost the original Trophy Truck in a fire that ultimately destroyed the vehicle.  After taking hold of a brand new 2WD Herbst-Smith Fabrication truck just a week prior, Arciero drove the truck to a first place finish at one of the most grueling off-road races in America. 


With limited testing time, Arciero took a 26th draw...

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