Satmodo – 5 for 5 Down in Baja

Satellite Phones & Baja…Should you even take one?

1. Iridium Sat Phones work everywhere you can see the sky …even in Baja!

If you can see the sky, then you can use an Iridium satellite phone.

2. Sat Phones keep you in touch with Chase Trucks, Pit Crews, and Everyone else on your team.
When it hits the fan, you’ll be happy to have a chat with your crew.Cell phones and radios are great until you’re too far out there and can’t get a signal out.

3. Sat Phones are a Cheap Insurance Policy in Baja.
It’s also the best kind of insurance, because it gets you connected to help IMMEDIATELY.

4.Make & Receive Calls. Send & Receive Text Messages.
That’s what it’s all about.When you absolutely, positively MUST stay connected, and NOTHING else will work, your Iridium satellite phone from Satmodo gets the job done.That is all.

5. Rent or Buy your phones at Satmodo Satellite Phones, so it’s super easy.
Sat Phone Rentals & Sales Made Easy. That’s our motto and we’ve earned it.We make thing easy, simple and Fast.With Race-Ready Rental Kits starting at $39.99/week, 24/7/365 LIVE Support, and a knowledgeable support staff, it’s no wonder our customers love us!Ask around.

Why get it from Satmodo?

1. The Newest and Most Up-To-Date Equipment
More than any other satellite phone store, Satmodo carries the latest technologies and up-to-date rental equipment.

2. 24/7/365 LIVE Support
That means all day, every day, even on Christmas (and race day)!You will NOT get a voicemail or a phone tree.Not a chance.A LIVE person will answer your call and provide assistance every time.No joke.

3. We make It Easy
All devices purchased or rented from Satmodo come with a special Satmodo Cheat Sheet. Even better, give Satmodo a call from your cell phone when you receive your sat phone and we will walk you through using what rented or purchased. No more user errors!

4. Great Prices
There isn’t another sat phone store that can stack up to Satmodo’s reputation for awesome pricing.Our prices include:NOdepositsNO surchargesNO rental activation fees

5. Five Star Service
We carry the newest equipment.We provide 24/7 Live Support.We teach you how to use your sat phones before you need to use them.Our prices are designed to provide value.It’s why we test every phone before it ships and when it returns. Exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Visit us at or give us a call at 1(800)279-2366 to set up your rental today!

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