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Without a doubt, SEMA is the world’s largest automotive aftermarket show. It attracts over 2,000 vendors, thousands upon thousands of visitors, and more show cars than you can imagine. For a car guy, it’s the closest thing to heaven on earth you’ll probably ever find—oh, and it’s in Las Vegas, which doesn’t suck either. Each year the automotive aftermarket launches their best new products at the show, while it took a bit to sift through the Chinese knock-offs, we ended up finding quite a bit of gear you’re going to love.

1.) ARB Competition Edition Ford 9″ Air Locker (above)

With a new 5-year warranty, the RD99CE competition Air Locker is build around the stringent and demanding requirements that Ultra 44 racers have. Built for 9″ rear ends, common in competition and enthusiast use, the RD99CE features some interesting upgrades, including an integrated and reusable ring gear bolt locking system to ensure the pesky Trac-Loc bolts stay in their place. To ensure you have no issues once it’s installed, the case strength of the locker has also been increase 290%.

For the full details, check out the dedicated post here. [link]


2.) ARB Full-size Bumper for Ford F-250

Whether it’s for your tow rig or your trail rig, we’re all a big fan of having some additional protection up front along with a solid place to mount your winch. We weren’t complaining about ARB’s older front bumper for the F-250, but we’re certainly not complaining about its latest redesign either.


3.) Carhartt Seat Covers

We all have a Carhartt laying around somewhere—why? Because they’re tough, durable, and long lasting, hopefully the same can be said for the seat covers they’ve just launched. Available for a variety of models, the tough canvas is perfect for keeping your seats in good shape while adding a bit of style to the interior of your vehicle. Unfortunately, they only had a display in GI-Joe size at SEMA—but we’ll bring you more when we know.


4.) Factor55 FlatLink

By now you’re probably familiar with Factor 55′s ProLink, a replacement high-strength aluminum thimble for your winch. If you haven’t been crazy about the design (which is pretty awesome) check out the FlatLink, which folds further into your fairlead than the ProLink.


5.) ICON Vehicle Dynamics Jeep Wrangler JK Coilover Kit

ICON is quickly becoming one of the premier suspension gurus in the off-road industry. Whether you’re driving a Toyota, Jeep, or Ford, they seem to have you covered these days. Their bolt-on JK Coilover system allows your suspension to grow with your modifications. Starting at $2200 it’s not cheap, but the performance is certainly worth it.


6.) Long Range Automotive Auxilary Fuel Tanks

Fresh off the boat from Australia, Long Range Automotive makes a variety of fuel tanks for almost every 4WD. With the fuel economy of most lifted 4WDs, more fuel is almost always better, especially when you can keep it down low and underneath your truck, improving your center of gravity. Also, if you’re truck gets a lot of highway use, wouldn’t it be nice to go a little bit further between fillups?


7.) RIPP Supercharger for Jeep 3.8L and 3.6L

Not quite ready to swap a HEMI into your Jeep Wrangler JK? Why not supercharge it with one of RIPP’s kits? The supercharger kit can give you almost 300whp on a 3.6L Pentastar engine, and make your 3.8L minivan engine feel like it always should have. Since it’s supercharged, you’ll see instant power down low in your RPM range where you need it off road. It’s not cheap at around $6,000, but the cost of a V8 swap gets closer to $20,000.


8.) Superwinch ROAM Smartphone Winch Controller

Forget your winch remote at home again? Don’t be without a way to get yourself (or your buddy) out of trouble with the new Superwinch ROAM system that allows you to control your winch with your smartphone. In addition to basic spool in and spool out, ROAM allows you to take an inside look at your winch, giving you your line speed, motor temp, and amp draw. Pretty cool, huh?


9.) Superwinch Endurance

Built for competition use in the United Kingdom, where trials-style events are incredible popular, and often require participants to winch great distances at high speeds. The Superwinch Endurance has two motors and a massive spool to get you through your obstacle as fast as possible.

We’ll be sure to update you on the details of the winch as soon as we know more.


10.) WARN Winch Accessories

WARN debuted a series of high-end winch accessories (to match their high-end winches perhaps) that feature innovative advancements such as a military-grade Cerakote coating which provides protection against wear and the elements; and the all important integrated bottle opener. Don’t forget to check out their new premium shackle and snatch block too.

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