SOA on a CJ5

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Sep 3, 2012
I'm looking for some input on doing a spring over on my CJ, I don't run a sway bar and I have a 304, how will it affect in road handling and how much will I need to stretch the drivelines?
The CJ5 is tippy without the SOA, that will only exaggerate any handling oddities you have now. Widetrack model? (or was that the CJ7...hmmm)

When I did the SOA on my FJ40, I stretched the wheelbase from 90" to 97" was acceptable for non-emergency handling...but it was NOT a daily driver either. Best for between trail use at lower speeds. Linking the rear suspension improved the handling greatly.
My last CJ5 had a rancho 3" lift and it handled great but was a bit stiff, this one I have now has 3" shackle lift and is a little washy but not bad but I want to run 35 inch tires and the rears will rub the inside of the tub
I'll wager that old Rancho 3" was 3 leaf springs...thick ones...I had a similar lift, it had ZERO articulation...and rode nasty.

Long shackles are notorious for bad handling.

Done RIGHT, the SOA lift will outperform the stock SUA setup...the hard part is doing it right...may mean a shackle reversal in the front, recessing the front shackle mount thru the frame rail, etc.

My FJ40 on 39's with the SOA front and linked rear still fit thru a 7' garage door. Barely. Front shock up-travel was about 4"...down travel was 10"...14" stroke shocks. Articulated amazingly, handled well (linked rear fixed that) but even the SOA rear was okay. It rubbed everywhere when rear fender tubs doubled as bump stops :)

Wider stance might be a necessity...I cheaped out and had 1-1/2" spacers on all 4 corners...the next rig will be done right with wider axles and no spacers.
The CJ. With the ranch lift was a bit stiff but handled great, the one I have now doesn't ride but I want more hieghth, I do have a shackle reversal in the plans, I'm really leaning towards to soa,, as far as widening the axles, that was a thought but some of the trails I hit out here are pretty narrow so I think I'm gonna stay for now..

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