"STORM THE DESERT" Off Road Poker Run for the Troops Las Vegas

What are your thoughts on this event in Las Vegas twice a year Annual Event?

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Greg Goodnight

Loves Light Bars
May 15, 2013
I know it’s very short notice. But I wanted to see if you might post this for your members on your events board, or do an email blast, because it is an event for the military troops. We will even be feeding 1200 troops from the Air Force, Army, and marine Corp. We are trying to make this the best turn out we can for them and all entries get Free lunch with the troops, and veterans.

Hello, my name is Greg, with Gifts For Warriors and we hold special events in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas and I wanted to send you information on an upcoming event that you and your other riders may like to participate in. And I would like to ask you help in posting this or emailing this to your client base for events. All Proceeds go to sending Care Packages to the troops overseas, We are also inviting out the active troops from Nellis and the Army and Marine Corp and doing a BBQ for the Troops at one of the stops. Below is all the information and I have attached a flyer as well. RideNow is also one of our sponsors in this event. If you have any questions please email me or call me at (702) 408-0898. Thank you.

Our next big event "STORM THE DESERT OFF ROAD POKER RUN" is Sunday May 19th This is going to be a huge event Supported by RideNow as well. They will be having the RideNow Girls out at Registration at Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV by Jean, as well as at Mountain Springs Saloon from noon until 4:00 pm to meet, take photos with troops and event riders. The Hooters Calendar Girls will also be autographing the calendars. This event beings at Pioneer Saloon at 9:00 am we hit the dirt to Sandy Valley at 11:15 am. then on to Mountain Springs Saloon, with Tom from the Pioneer sitting along the trail to Mountain Springs in the desert to grab your third card from, then we meet up at Mountain Springs Saloon for a *FREE BBQ Lunch. And we will be having BBQ for the Troops there as well were we will be feeding 1000-1500 Troops from Nellis, the Army and Marine Corp. Chris Bell will be performing live, then at 4:30 pm we will head back to Pioneer Saloon and stop along the way at another manned station for your 4th card, then end back at Pioneer and Announce the Winners $500 Best Hand $100 Lowest Hand. We will be raffling prizes off over $7000 worth at both Mountain Springs Saloon and when we return to Pioneer. Each entry will receive a Free raffle tickets others available for purchase.

* YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE AT www.giftsforwarriors.org/upcoming.html OR PURCHASE YOUR ENTRY AT PIONEER SALOON OR OUR OFFICE AT 611 W LAKE MEAD PKWY., HENDERSON, NV 89015 FOR THE FREE BBQ LUNCH AT MOUNTAIN SPRINGS SO WE KNOW HOW MUCH FOOD TO HAVE AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE. YOU WILL ALSO SAVE $5.00 BY DOING THIS AS WELL. We hope you all enjoy this event and please let us know for we want to hold this twice a year, annually so we would appreciate your feedback, so we can keep this going and make it the best Off Road
11x17 Storm The Desert NO B
Event Around. See you on the dirt!!!! If you have any questions please call (702) 408-0898
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