SUP from NM

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Loves Light Bars
Jan 15, 2021
Just found this forum, looks pretty cool so far. Looking forward to wasting some time in here.

Just finished my 4th iteration of my rig in the fall so hadn't had too many trips out yet, but definitely enjoying it. Started as my high school graduation gift to myself 89 Xcab Toyota, been wheeling since 1999. Hope these pics work and aren't enormous, bare with me hadn't done this in a few years.




Screenshot_2020-10-25-22-28-11 (2).png
Welcome :)

Ya shoulda road tripped this weekend to Hurricane UT for the Winter 4x4 Jambo....perfect wheeling weather this weekend, and "light" on the buggies (so those trails aren't overcrowded!)
I've been wanting to check out UT wheeling, Hurricane is a 13hr trek or I'd head that way. I'll go check it out eventually.

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