Suzuki samurai

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Feb 8, 2013
Anyone have any extensive knowledge of samurai fuel systems/carbs. I have a 1987 sammi that I bought after it sat for 10 years. I have done pretty much everything I can think of from cleaning the fuel tank, giving a tune up, swapping carbs (to another used one that's was sitting as long). It starts and idles good, but once under way spits and sputters. If I pump/flutter the gas pedal it gets up to speed. But will stall, if I hold on accelerator. Could there be an issue "inside" the motor (valves etc.)? Could it be a choke issue? What does the coolant do for the carb/choke where it routes up to the back of the carb? Could this malfunction (on both carbs) and cause the choke to remain open, when maybe it shouldn't?
Well, after a month and half, countless hours under the hood/scratching my head, consulting with backyard mechanics and licensed mechanics alike, I flushed the fuel system, swapped fuel filters a hundred times, did a full tune up including solenoid, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, replaced most vacuum lines/components, swapped the fuel pump, swapped the carb for a used, cleaner one (I have a parts machine I was able to pull parts from for a lot of these swaps)... None of this made a difference! It still ran real "sputterie" after it warmed up.
After all that, in a last ditch effort/curiosity I removed the thermostat,.... Presto! Runs great!,. Temp gauge now shows lower than normal instead of mid range on temp., can heater, isn't as warm,,.. But!,.. It runs normal! Zuki carbs must have a temp. Controlled choke adjustment that didn't like running too warm...

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