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Jan 17, 2017
Hey there ya'll! Brian and Laurie from Team Chaos. We compete in WEROCK. We don't do forums much but since Rich Klein likes this one so much here we are! :cool:

So some of ya know us. For those who may not; as of now we are the #1 husband wife and lady driver team in WEROCK. Laurie drives our Shannon Campbell originally built buggy, previously owned by Justin Hall named Sadie #3113. Brian is the spotter who loves to; tell Laurie "love ya baby now drive off that cliff". :love::devil::love:

We enjoy doing things together whether it's riding our his/her Harley's, his/her rock buggies or his/her Jeeps, UTV or ATV! Checking off the bucket list one event at a time basically which is our team moto!

So nuff about us cuz pics speak louder than words and we have many words so never hesitate to walk right up to us and talk! We're just common folks having fun! :smokin:

Thanks for having us! :notworthy:

Kind Regards,
Team Chaos Racing
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Instagram: teamchaosracing

Big Thanks to: MLS Powersports, Evolution Powersports, Factory UTV, Dave's Offroad Supply, ProComp, GMZ Race Products, Cipher Auto, Simittybilt, 4wd Factory, SuperATV, Howe, GoPro, Ogio, RynoPower Sports Supplements, Pit Posse Motorsports, Leatt, Slick Products, Filthy Motorsports, 4WheelParts & Ironman4x4fab!

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Team Chaos

Loves Light Bars
Jan 17, 2017
Thanks for the welcome ya 'll! :)

Yes those pics are taken at the Trail Hero 2016 event. What a blast it was and we'll be back for 2017!!! :D

We feed a lot of pics to our Social Media feeds if ya'll want to see more of us, our antics along with promoting rock crawling, Ultra 4 and KOH in general. Our feeds are not only about us. :D And I won't clutter up this forum with that jack-assery :confused: since we feed 3-5 pics a day there. Social media names are in sig block. :smokin:
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