thanks for having me.


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Nov 29, 2016
Cedar City Utah
hey all. names Dustin bailey, i was introduced to rock crawling 14 years ago by my uncle Mike Bailey and cousin Troy Bailey. i spent many years behind the scenes as pit crew and helping build crawlers.
in 2004 i got a suzuki samurai and built it up pretty decent over the last 13 years most of you will know me from that rig.
i sold it last month and have been non stop building my 2017 pro mod car.
i live in cedar city utah and own an automotive repair shop.
my fiance Sami will most likely be driving for 2017 unless she gets cold feet. i will be spotting for her.
you can find me at winter jamboree, logandale hump and bump, delta old school rock crawl, werock events, and trail hero. this season ill be adding jeep safari and idaho xrocks as well as super crawl to the list!


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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
Still cant believe you sold the Sami!

Welcome! Looking forward to the new build....ans stealing ideas ;-
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