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I'm Not Just A Girl
Jan 29, 2012
Sunny CA and On the Road
Wanted to stop in here first and say HELLO!

I may be "new" to most of you, or some of you may have already ran into me as I have traveled across the country to different 4x4 events or on the internet.

I think Woody and I compete for Miles Driven in a year!
Each time we end up talking or emailing, the first question is ... So, where are you? and What are you up to? Its fun that it is always a different answer!!

A little background on me: I grew up in the back of a Flatty until these legs got tooo long and I got kicked out and onto a dirt bike....I :love: my dirt bike! I work in the 4x4 market helping bring pictures, videos and scoop on whats happening to you under the name of Bower Motorsports Media! You will see me at any event across the country including rock racing, rock crawling and trail rides. I put about 25,000 miles on my truck last year....

Woody has been a huge support of Bower Motorsports Media posting press releases and videos on this forum...but, its time for me to come and hang out too

You will generally find me hanging out in the Events Sections. That's what I do... I know I will be at most of the W.E. Rock and CalNeva events this year, along with many others. Be sure to "come with me" on these adventures, and if I'm coming to a town near you, please join us for a lot of fun!

I also own a Ladies clothing company called I'm Not Just A Girl ~ after traveling to all these events, I found one thing missing...cute girl shirts that FIT! These are fun and respectable designs that are available in sizes XS-4XL. Oh, and of course we have JEEP JEWELRY too! awww.crawlmagforum.com_forum_images_smilies_icon_e_wink.gif check it out and buy your Girl something nice!

I look forward to hanging out on here and "meeting" you! Be sure if you do see me at an event to walk up and say hi!


PICTURES: Me in Moab EJS 2010

Dad's Jeep at Dumont Dunes 2010 - He also started "FlatVille" on the Jeepers Jamboree (for any ol'timers on here)
Dad Jeep.jpg

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