TITAN on MAVTV Series 3 Show 10

“King of the Titanium Jungle”

Monday, July 10 at 9:00pm ET

Corona, CA (July 6th, 2017): TITANS of CNC, Episode 10: starring Titan Gilroy – Titan flips education on its head and places the inmates of San Quentin on the road to becoming TITANS of CNC. Titan ends the season with the most complex project ever machined on television.​


Titan Gilroy is the CEO of TITANS of CNC, a productionfacility that specializes in manufacturing parts for the top aerospace companies in the world. Recently, Titan pioneered the largest online academy for CNC machining education, the TITANS of CNC: Academy.​
In just over four months, the site’s community has grown to more than 16,000 users – a number that increases every day. Titan Gilroy’s story is one of perseverance: from a childhood of homelessness, to time spent behind bars, to the challenges of building a CNC machine shop.

Titan has walked the valleys and climbed the highest heights, and it was these experiences that motivated him to help take an entire industry to the next level. Today, Titan is not only an expert in CNC Machining but has become the leading advocate for the future of CNC Machining Education.

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