TR Beadlocks begin to cast at new US Foundry!

After 20 years of casting with our previous foundry we were faced with their sudden closure last September. We were tasked with finding a new US foundry, and going overseas was not even considered an option.

This was a monumental task as that foundry was really the last aftermarket wheel foundry in the US. We approached at least 50 foundries, networked with material suppliers and industry associations in search of a suitable replacement. We even considered putting in our own small foundry here at our location. Finally we found a great facility that specializes in motorsports / powersports products, with strong financial footing and began the long process of implementing production of our HD Series wheels.
This process involved relocating & reconditioning all tooling, in preparation for the new casting machines. We worked tirelessly with the casting company as well as an outside engineering group to insure that the product would be as strong or stronger than before.
We anticipated seeing new product by mid-February, however, there have been a few weeks of delays constructing the molds and retooling, but we are happy to say we’ve begun casting.

Despite these challenges, we are very excited about the future. TR Beadlocks quality will be better than ever, and when we find ourselves back to the inventory levels and lead times our customers have come to expect, we will be introducing some exciting new products.

Our current projection on shipping dates is as follows:
HD17 with 4.5-6” backspace will begin shipping on about 4/15.
HD17 with 3.5” to 4” backspace will begin shipping on about 5/1.
HD15 will begin shipping on about 5/15.
HD20 will resume shipping on about 6/1.

New Products:
A new HD17x11” wide with 3.5-4.5” backspace.
A new HD20x12” wide with 4.5-6” backspace.
A new HD18x9 racing wheel.
Reestablishing the TR Hardrock line and introducing new products.

We thank you for your patience and support of TR’s commitment to domestic manufacturing.


Team TR Beadlocks

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