Trail Hero Breaks Barriers for Rock Sports at Sand Mountain

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All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenge Lives Up To Its Hype

Hurricane , Utah, October 6, 2016 – The inaugural All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenge brought the top ten competitors from around the world to tackle a slot canyon in Sand Mountain SRMA (Special Resource Management Area) . The canyon has never been driven, or even thought about being driven, until Trail Hero.

“I wanted something that has never been done before in rock sports history. Find a canyon that looks impossible, invite the best of the best to try to drive it, and that is what the All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenge is.” said Trail Hero president Rich Klein.

The drivers were not allowed to watch the driver in front of them attempt the obstacles that were set up in three stages. They also could not have a spotter or outside spotting assistance. Stage 1 had a time limit of 15 minutes. Stage 2 and Stage three had 20 minute time limits.


Stage 1 took its toll on vehicles as Jesse Haines had engine issues due to a cracked cylinder, Alan Woodson broke a shock, Jason Feuilly had issues with his transfer case and could only get front wheel drive to work, and Kevin Carroll blew up the rear ring and pinion. Kevin and Jesse could not continue to Stage 2. By the end of Stage 1 Carey Gleason was leading the pack on points and time.

On Stage 2, Jason Feuilly attempted the first climb in his new car, but caught fire which was extinguished, and he decided to call it and timed out on course. Alan Woodson continued to have issues with his car on the first obstacle and was unable to finish the course. James Treacy managed to wedge his car’s roof underneath an overhang and took out a u-joint while trying to break free. He was able to back out with help from the J.M. Rigging Recovery Crew as he still had 3 wheels with power. Carey Gleason made it through the first two obstacles with finesse, however he did manage to catch on fire on obstacle three, which was extinguished quickly.

Jeff McKinlay did not have any issues on Stage 2. In fact he drove it in three minutes and fifty two seconds, which was the fastest time for the stage. Tracy Jordan, Cody Waggoner and Justin Kielman all made it through Stage 2 without issues.


By Stage 3 the drivers were pushing their cars and their focus to the limit and wanted out of the canyon. The last obstacle on Stage 3 not only put cars on extreme ledges with 30 foot drops, but it also was a mental game as the ledge was drivers side down, and off-camber to the drivers side.

By Stage 3 there were only five vehicles remaining on the All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenge. Justin Kielman, Carey Gleason, Tracy Jordan, Cody Waggoner and Jeff McKinlay. All of them drove the easier right line on the exit of Stage 3 and once the points were tallied and times were added through each stage the winner of the inaugural All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenge was Jeff McKinlay in his Red Dot buggy.

As the winner of the Trail Breaker Challenge, Jeff was to select a name for the trail he just conquered. Jeff chose the name Iron Man from his team name Iron Man Racing.


All-Pro Off-Road Trail Breaker Challenger Results

1. Jeff McKinlay
2. Cody Waggoner
3. Tracy Jordan
4. Justin Kielman
5. Carey Gleason
6. James Treacy
7. Kevin Carroll
8. Alan Woodson
Jesse Haines – DNF
Jason Feuilly – DNF


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