Trail Hero Crawler hauler

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Sep 5, 2016
Cedar City, Utah
So I have been working on opening a 4x4 shop in Cedar City Utah called Southern Utah 4x4 and I am happy to say one of our first projects in the shop is Trail Hero's semi we are building a flat bed on.

We are building it from 2x3 .120 square tube and 1/4" thick angle iron. The bed will be low enough that the semi hitch can still be used and it will also have a 2" receiver hitch so he can tow a regular trailer as well.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.




Next on the list is test fitting the bed and figuring out the mounts from the frame to the bed. Rich does not want to weld it to the frame or if possible not to drill any more holes in it either. We are planning to use some existing holes and bolt the bed on that way.

Then we will build the 2" hitch and drop it down a bit so he won't need a huge drop hitch. When all said and done we will have some new LED tail lights and a ramp system so he can drive the crawler right up onto the truck.
Also we are installing some Lifetime LED lights to the front of the truck.

I decided rather than cutting into the bumper I'd just use the existing holes with some filler plates.



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Looks great! Joey you are doing an awesome job. I wish I could help but it is nice knowing that while I am in Alaska, the truck is in good hands!
Sorry for not posting an update, good thing is I've been busy with the new shop. Here is a semi finished pic. I know Rich would like to continue to add to it as he can. Keep an eye out for it at Area BFE in Moab this week!


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