Tread Lightly Tread Lightly! Impact Report: Florence Dunes Beach Cleanup

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Project: Florence Dunes Beach Cleanup
Project #33/50
State: Oregon

Description: This project was funded by the Quadratec 50 for 50 Initiative. Together with Tread Lightly!, Quadratec has committed to fund a project to improve off-road trails and public lands in each state over 24 months.

On April 22, 2023, 102 volunteers gathered for a cleanup at Florence Dunes Beach. Together they removed 1,200 pounds of trash and helped prevent harm to native habitats and marine wildlife.

Thank you to the following partners for their support:

“Thank you to the amazing volunteers who showed up to leave the beach better than they found it. This was an incredible turnout! Thank you also to the Quadratec 50 for 50 program for funding this amazing cleanup and helping to continue to Protect the Adventure.”-Danielle McNiven, Tread Lightly!

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