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If you enjoy the outdoors in any aspect, working on trucks, and even the faint aroma of gunpowder, then you will want to rear Trucks & Guns Magazine. The lifestyle magazine for the outdoorsman, mechanic, and prepper in all of us.

The pages of our new venture will include technical articles about different makes and models of trucks, as well as reviews with technical specifications for a wide variety of the newest firearms to the classics. There will be honest product reviews about the hottest and finest aftermarket parts for trucks and guns, as well as reviews on camping gear, survival supplies, and homesteading tools. Readers will also get an up-close look at some of the finest, well-built trucks in the world.

All of this will be delivered to your mailbox bi-monthly on high quality, glossy, full-color pages for your reading pleasure. When it is time to relax, switch off the computer and turn the pages of the new Trucks & Guns Magazine. Bring the latest edition with you on your next hunting trip to enjoy when the day is done, or bring it into the garage to try one of our featured technical articles.

Subscribe now at and make sure you do not miss the September/October 2015 Issue.


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We just finished our first gun show as a vendor. We had a great response and meet a lot of great people. We are looking forward to our next one in Reno, NV.


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Be sure to subscribe before August 25th, 2015 to get the Sept/Oct 2015 issue and you will also be enter into a drawing for a $50 Cabelas gift card, second and third prizes are $25 Cabelas gift cards.
Any Subscription paid for after August 25th, 2015, will receive the Nov/Dec 2015 as their first issue.

Here is the near-final draft cover of the Sept/Oct 2015 issue.
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Can't wait for the first issue Joel! (now if I only had an address to mail it to! ;))


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Today is the last day to be entered to win the $50 Cabelas gift card when you subscribe to Trucks & Guns Magazine. 2nd/3rd prize $25 Cabelas gift card.

Hurry up and subscribe at
For $19.95 you will get six printed issues a year.
In the pages of Trucks & Guns Magazine you will find:
How to technical articles about trucks and guns
Honest accessory reviews for trucks and guns
Hunting gear and tips
Camping gear and tips
Prepper, homesteading, and survival tips
Historical firearms column in every issue
Industry news
The newest products to hit the market
All articles are for real world applications
All articles are for real world applications, with lots of budget builds and DIY projects.
Each issue will have a spotlight feature on a built and modified truck and gun.
You will not see any "mall crawler" trucks with over the top lift kits and useless bolt on parts....