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United Four Wheel Drive Associations & Off-Road Business Association to Collaborate as Land-Use Advocates

The United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) and the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) have agreed to a formal arrangement that will allow the groups to coordinate policy as they strive to work together to protect access to lands, roads and trails for off-road enthusiasts. The groups have often collaborated in the past at the national level on projects of common interest. The new arrangement will enable the two national organizations to cooperate more closely to create a stronger approach to advocating for increased access to motorized recreation on public and private land.

“Combining energy, experience and talent with the grassroots and business is the key for leading and protecting motorized recreation,” said Fred Wiley, ORBA’s President and CEO. “Without a place to recreate, there wouldn’t be a large market for accessories. Both groups gain ground when we can bring our combined resources to bear.”

These organizations have international connections to grassroots groups and businesses, bringing decades of advocacy experience to the table. Working together, while focusing on the individual missions of each organization, insures that communication and connectivity will create a stronger message and voice.

Tom Mandera, President of UFWDA commented, “Together, we will apply our individual strengths towards our common purpose – advocating for recreational opportunities. Joining forces to maximize our collective expertise, finding a common goal and organizing around that goal, is the only way to have success.”

About ORBA and UFWDA

ORBA is a national non-profit trade association of motorized off-road related businesses formed to promote and preserve off-road recreation

UFWDA is the only international organization that exclusively represents the 4×4 enthusiast. Comprised entirely of fellow enthusiasts, UFWDA seeks to counter anti-access groups that seek to close recreation areas to off-road motorized sport.

Additional details are available at www.ufwda.org and www.orba.biz

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