Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo

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Feb 27, 2014
Louisville, KY

Come and See Where Opportunity's Knocking and Tires are Popping!

The UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo – Connect. Ignite. Entertain.

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- Where? Kentucky Exposition Center - Louisville, KY

- When? 20-22 June 2014

- What is it?
The UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo creates a new hub on the east cost for exhibitors, race series, clubs, parks, enthusiasts and visitors. The concept of the UORExpo is to combine a professional expo vendor show with an extreme off-road freestyle course performed by top racers from all series – an event like never seen before!

- Website: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnlimitedOffRoadExpo

Where do east coast off-road businesses have the opportunity to meet? Where does the east and west coast industry connect to spark up new alliances? Where can off-road enthusiasts of any category see it all at the same show – desert racers, rock racers, crawlers, mud trucks, show trucks, UTV’s or all the awesome builds on the daily driver?

Great custom Rigs, Parts, Accessories, Performance, Equipment, Lifestyle and Race Series! This is what The UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo is all about! The UOR is dedicated to help expand businesses and also fire up top retail deals for thousands of passionate consumers. This is where OHVs, UTVs ATVs, and all kinds of Buggies get into gear to attract everybody who loves 4×4 sports – from mild to extreme.
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From high flying UTVs to vertical climbing Rock Bouncers.
From 2-wheel toting Mega Trucks to high speed West Coast Rock Racers, and everything in between!
We will bring you the most exciting UNLIMITED off-road freestyle event ever seen in public and performed by top racers from all series!

The UNLIMITED Off-Road Power in every category:

- Long jump set up for UTVs – Vertical climb for Rock Bouncers
- Huge jump for the Mega Trucks – Insane high-speed rock garden for the West Coast rigs!
- 2 wheel toting Mega Truck - Cyclone cutting Monster Truck
- Backflip Ramp for anyone willing to go all out! – Crawling Action for great custom rigs
- Mud Pit ready for Mega Trucks and more…

Come and witness a “one of a kind” off-road show like never seen before and like you will never find again -created and managed by the Southern Rock Racing Series!

UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo – we make it happen!

Website: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road

If you want to know what companies have already signed up for the Unlimited Off Road Expo just take a quick look at this!

--> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.786528184705671.1073741830.740216136003543&type=3

- Let us know who else should be on the floor plan! (Company name & contact if possible)

- Want to become a vendor at the #UORExpo?
Contact us! e.freeman@unlimitedoffroadexpo.com

- You want to sponsor the Off Road Freestyle Course or get in touch with the drivers?
Contact us! Jeremy@southernrockracing.com
*** BUY TICKETS NOW *** FIRST 300 Tickets are $5 off ***

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- Only $18 for Military Members, Veterans or for Kids under 14!

- Group & Club discount available

- Industry Pro tickets for B2B Day available

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Meet Ian Johnson at the Unlimited Off-Road Expo!

TV Host, Mechanic, Off Road Rig Builder, and Big Tire at the Big Tire Garage.

He will be showing off some of his builds, signing autographs, giving away swag and answering your tech questions!


- The 2014 U.O.R.Expo racer line up -

- Full race schedule here: UOR | Unlimited Off-Road

Unlimited Off-Road Shoot Out Racers and Vehicles:

Southern Rock Racing Series

1.Luke Wilson – Oversized
2.Randall Key – Blaze / Rage
3.Labronn Osborne – White Trash
4.Bobby Tanner – Screamin’ Blue
5.Shawn Tolson – Phat N Rowdy
6.Bree Molitor – The Avenger
7.Brandon Dillon – Ford Buggy
8.Richie Keith – PlowBoy
9.Matt Brinker

Ultra4 Racing

1.Shannon Campbell – Monster Buggy
2.Derrick West – Nitto Tires Buggy
3.Shawn Fisher
4.Bill Baird
5.Chicky Barton
6.Tony ‘Rosco” Rietdorf

Mega Truck Series:

1.Joey Adams – Geronimo
2.Randy Priest – Mud Stick
3.Daniel Mundy – Air Mundy
4.Richie Kieth – Plow Boy Mud
5.Russell Twitty – Liva Killa
6.John Gordon – Bone Collector
7.Brian Rigsby – Show Dawg
8.Kyle Adams - GunSmoke


1.CJ Bynum
2.Danny Smith
3.Tripp Pullen
4.Cameron Tanner
5.Rik Steham
6.Trenton Parks
7.Bradley George

Shoot Out Race Schedule
3x on Saturday and Sunday (10 am; 1:00 pm; 4:00 pm) the racers of all 4 categories
will attempt the Unlimited Off-Road Shoot Out obstacle course.

Day 1 – Saturday Competition:
16 vehicles fight for victory!
4 Qualifying Runs at 10:00 a.m. and 4 Runs at 1:00 p.m.

Ultra4 Rock Racers, UTVs, Mega Truck Racers and Rock Bouncers start all together with one of each vehicle in each of the 8 runs to compete for a spot in the finals.
(Times may vary, Free Style time will be announced during the Show).
Finals at 4:00 p.m.

The fastest 2 per category will each join one of the 2 competing teams in the finals that both consist of one vehicle per category.
The fastest time during the final 2 races determines the top cross-category champions of the day.

Day 2 – Sunday Competition:
Same schedule but different racers fight in their vehicles for victory!
4 Qualifying Runs at 10:00 a.m. and 4 Runs at 1:00 p.m.
Finals at 4:00 p.m.
2 Races to determine the fastest team.
Ceremonies will be held always at the end of the competitions.

Free Style Show

During the expo, several racers will take on the 32’ Back Flip Wall and will perform other spectacular stunts. Times will be disclosed during each day.

Check out the new Unlimited Off-Road Expo TV commercial on Fox News starting monday and running until the expo begins!

-> June 21. - 22. - Kentucky Exposition Center - Louisville

Unlimited Off-Road Expo Trailer #2 / TV commercial


LOUISVILLE, KY JUNE 15,2014: The inaugural Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo on Saturday and Sunday June 21st and 22nd opens it’s Louisville, Kentucky doors from 9 am to 6 pm.
Off-roaders including Jeepers, ATV, UTV and Rock Crawling enthusiasts will meet and enjoy their common pastime while learning about the newest products in the market.
“We have been working diligently for months to make this an exceptional event,” said Erin Freeman, Expo VP Sales & Marketing.
“It has been a pleasure working with all these companies on the phone and I look forward to seeing them set up at this weekends show.
Knowing what vehicles and displays they are bringing, I can guarantee that we have an amazing show at hand!”

Inside the Kentucky Exposition Center, the floor will be packed with over120 leading offroad vendors displaying their most recent products on amazing vehicles, some of which have been on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Categories of vendors include Custom Fabrication, OEM Manufactures, Competition & Performance parts, Body Armor, Protection & Recovery products, Oil Fluids & Lubricants, Tools Shop & Equipment, Retail Wholesale Pro Shops, Lifestyle Expedition Specialties and Institution & Services.

The Unlimited Offroad American Show & Expo tickets are $25 per person and kids under the age of 8 are free.
Many discounts are available on the ticket site for military, senior citizens and groups.
With the outstanding background and history of downtown Louisville only minutes away, stay for the weekend at one of the many hotels nearby.
There are 150 RV spots on the Expo show grounds, 50 of which are set with water and power.
The huge Kentucky Kingdom amusement park next door offers great discounts on the UOR-Expo website.
- UOR | Unlimited Off-Road -

Outside the main hall, there will be high-horsepower action.
Connecting two fields creating 4 acres of outstanding off-road terrain, one-half of the area is set up with obstacles such as long jumps, vertical climbs, table-tops, whoops and aback flip wall.
The other half is made of rocks, sand and a dirt section with crawls and climbs up to 32 feet high.
On both Saturday and Sunday, competition will consist of 16 vehicles split between 4 qualifying runs at 10am, and another 4 runs at 1pm.
Rock Bouncers, UTV’s, Mega Trucks and Ultra4Rock Racers all start together with each vehicle competing for a spot in the finals. The Finals will start at 4pm where the 2 fastest drivers of each category from earlier qualifying runs will be able to compete together.
One driver from each category will makeup a team of 4 cross-category drivers to form a team.
The fastest of the two teams will win the championship of the day, with ceremonies held immediately following.



U.O.R. Shoot Out + Free Style Show
Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo connects the two fields outside the main hall to 4 acres of outstanding off-road terrain.
One-half of the area is set up with obstacles such as Long Jumps, Vertical Climbs, Table-Tops, Whoops and a Back Flip Wall.
The other half is made of rocks, sand and a dirt section with crawls and climbs up to 32 feet high.
Racers from Ultra4 Racing, Southern Rock Racing, Mega Trucks and ECORS will perform this one-of-a-kind obstacle course during the competitions each day.

Unlimited Off-Road Shoot Out Racers and Vehicles:

Mega Trucks:

Randy Priest – MUD STICK
Richie Keith – PLOWBOY MUD
Keith Spiker – HAMMERHEAD
Brian Rigsby – SHOW DAWG
Al Abercrombie – ADRENALINE RUSH
Daniel Mundy – AIR MUNDY
Kyle Adams – GUN SMOKE
Josh Vadovsky – MEAT WAGON

Rock Bouncers:

Bobby Tanner – SCREAMIN’ BLUE
Luke Wilson – OVERSIZED
Bree Molitor – THE AVENGER
Brandon Dillon – FORD BUGGY
Randall Key – BLAZE
Shawn Tolson – PHAT ‘N’ ROWDY
Steven Woolsey – SHOWGIRL
Labronn Osborne – WHITE TRASH
Danny Smith – OL’ YELLA
Nathan Tidwell – BEATDOWN

Ultra4 Rock Racer:

Shannon Campbell
Tony “Rosco” Rietdorf
James Cantrell
Bill Baird
Derek West
Mike Feagans


Brooks Underwood
Cameron Tanner
Trenton Parks
Britt Mansell
Donny 131
Derek Hensley
Tripp Pullen
Rik Stedham
Bradley George
Nate Blackwell

Successful Inaugural 2014 Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo

LOUISVILLE, KY JUNE 24, 2014: The first annual Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo fulfilled its tagline ‘East Goes Epic’. It was extremely successful in the eyes of the enthusiasts there to enjoy, exhibitors who were able to show and sell their products, and racers who threw dirt demonstrating their extreme off-road machines capabilities. Offroad and powersports vehicles of all sorts filled the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY Friday through Sunday June 20-22. “We can’t be more excited about the overall feel of the show. As a first time event, we won’t lie and say we weren’t nervous,” said Erin Freeman, Expo Coordinator. “The response from everyone has been overwhelming and we look forward to growing into an even bigger event for next year.”

Some of the features of this inaugural show included:

1. Over 125 leading offroad exhibitors displayed their most recent products in booths and on amazing vehicles.
Many of the exhibitors spent the first half of the year finishing new products and builds to unveil at the UOR Expo.
Categories represented include Custom Fabricators, Race & Performance parts, Body Armor, Protection & Recovery products,
Oil Fluids & Lubricants, Tools & Equipment, Offroad & Powersports Shops, Offroad Parks, Lifestyle Specialties and Institution & Services.

40 Professional Racers, by invite only, put on three mud flinging and dirt flying shows each day on the off-road track specifically built by Dream Traxx
to highlight four different disciplines of racing including Southern Rock Racing, Mega Truck Racing, Ultra4 Racing and UTV Racing.

3. Full day of informative Business-to-Business seminars and Showroom floor open to Industry Only on Friday.

4. Innovations Walk featuring new products and information about them.

5. RC Course available to run with supplied RC Cars or personal vehicles.

6. The online Top Rig Contest had more than 78,000 votes from 38,000+ unique voters. The Top 10 Vehicles were on display within and outside the hall with featured banners.

7. Autograph opportunities with Xtreme Off-Road TV Host Ian Johnson, CMT ‘Party Down South’ actress Mattie Breaux, 2 time King of the Hammers winner Shannon Campbell,
King of the Hammers winner Eric Miller and many more extremely well known racers representing multiple segments of the offroad market.

8. A backflip was attempted by two rock bouncers Richie Keith and Brandon Dillion and one UTV driver CJ Bynum.
Richie Keith succeeded at being the first ever to complete a back flip in a Rock Bouncer. CJ Bynum also completed a backflip in the SXS.

9. Off-Road course was available to exhibitors to demonstrate their products to their customers.

10. Multiple cash and prize give-aways were done by exhibiting companies and race series.

11. Over 7,500 in attendance during the 3 days of the inaugural 2014 event.

The outside exhibition racing consisted of two qualifying runs where the same series vehicles competed against each other for the fastest time. The fastest out of each qualifier went onto the finals. The final was a unique combination of four types of vehicles working together as a relay team for fastest time. On Saturday the fastest time was split by a mere 8 seconds, which at the time was impressive until Sunday’s time was split by only 1 second. On Saturday Team 2 were the winners with a time of 239.467 consisting of Mega Truck Series John Gordon, Southern Rock Racing Series CJ Bynum, Ultra4 Racing Tony “Rosco” Rietdorf and SXS Racer Trenton Parks. Sunday’s winner was Team 1 by less than a second. The team consisted of Mega Truck Series John Gordon, Southern Rock Racing Series Bobby Tanner, Ultra4 Racing Bill Baird and SXS Racer Brit Mansel. Full results from the entire day and video will be available soon.

The Unlimited Offroad American Show & Expo is looking forward to continuing the success and enthusiasm from this weekends show into 2015.
Dates and exhibitor packets will be released in July, 2014.

For More Information go to www.offroadunlimitedexpo.com

Become a Fan on Facebook for Daily Updates:

PHOTO CREDIT: Bower Motorsports Media & CBC Photography







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