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Discussion in 'Land Use News' started by Del Albright, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Del Albright

    Del Albright Trail Access Advocate

    Jul 29, 2011
    USDA Forest Service Retirees Call National Forest Policies Unsustainable!

    The National Association of Forest Service Retirees (NAFSR) have called the USDA Forest Service policies and procedures for forest health and wildland fire suppression unsustainable! They have offered up a 10-point plan of actions to clarify and improve the current fire policy situation. In abbreviated form, it calls for:
    1. More active management of forests and grasslands;
    2. Reduced fuel loading and more prescribed fire;
    3. Review and learning from past big fires like Yellowstone, 1988;
    4. Clarification of fire policies concerning when to implement aggressive initial attack;
    5. Fire leadership adequate training;
    6. “Hot” fire reviews and more accountability;
    7. Pursue adequate fire suppression funding;
    8. Ensure all USFS employees have a role in fire emergencies;
    9. Develop more leadership succession planning to replace experienced retirees;
    10. Streamline environmental planning and reduce legislative conflicts.

    For years I have felt, personally and professionally that our public lands have become tied down in bureaucracy and unnecessary legislative silliness and environmental radicalism. I see this report from an esteemed membership as encouragement for a better future for our public lands -- if someone listens.

    Read the whole report here: http://www.delalbright.com/nafsr position paper.pdf

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