VOTE NOW! For the next All-Pro Trail Breaker!

Who should compete in the next All-Pro Trail Breaker

  • Dennis Volkoff

    Votes: 15 2.3%
  • Dustin Bailey

    Votes: 51 7.8%
  • Laurie Edwards Gray

    Votes: 308 47.3%
  • Ben Denkers

    Votes: 239 36.7%
  • Scott Trimarco

    Votes: 38 5.8%
  • Vic Buness

    Votes: 14 2.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Lil Rich

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Our goal with the All-Pro Trail Breaker is to find the next hidden talent when it comes to driving the toughest terrain in the world. Last year we found some hidden gems in Jeff McKinlay (Winner of the 1st Trail Breaker) and Cary Gleason (Took 5th Place). Cary was voted in via the public, friends, and family that voted for him against 9 other drivers. This year we have narrowed down to 6 drivers and 1 of them will be voted in by YOU!

We stacked 2 relatively unknown drivers against some of the most decorated Rock Crawlers and builders in the history of the sport. This time around we plan to do the same and the real question is... Who of these 6 drivers do you feel has the skill and vehicle to defeat an impossible trail? Who will represent the other unknowns against the best drivers in the sport? Check out our contenders below and vote for your favorite!

Make sure to also post who you vote for to help keep this thread active!

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Good luck everyone!


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hmmm....decisions decisions....all great choices...hmmm

Lil Rich

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Still have over a week to get those votes in. Plenty of time. Reach out to all your family, friends, and friends family. You all can turn this around.

Team Chaos

A huge thank you to all who are voting for these great competitors! I'm Laurie Edwards Gray's husband and spotter. For those of you who don't know us; we run the WEROCK east coast rock crawling series, we're rather newer to WEROCK and more well known on the east coast than the west presently. We're working to change that!

A little about us and a challenge to you to check out our journey and story we tell via the pics we post in social media. Quickly before you do that though I'd just like to say; Last year Laurie was the #1 female rock crawler in WEROCK and together we were the #1 Husband and Wife team. Our love of motorsports goes much deeper than just rock crawling and competing though. We're both avid Harley Davidson motorcycle riders and enjoy our bikes. We've both been wheeling for many years and between us have more than 30 years of wheeling experience. We both drive, spot and can wheel independently of each other or without a spotter. We do however enjoy each others company and why we compete together.

Again, our story and journey can be seen much better via the pics we post to social media. Keep in mind that what you'll see is much more than just us telling Team Chaos' story, it'll show how we advocate for motorsports as a whole. Our feeds in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter however will give you an idea of our capabilities, show our personal journeys and even show many well known and not so well known competitors. So feel free to take a look and enjoy the feeds! We're currently still running many action shots from KOH mixed in with other adventures you may enjoy. Hopefully you'll check it out! Our website and social media information is below.

Good luck to all of these great competitors! We look forward to meeting and wheeling with each and every one of you soon!

Take care and be safe out there!

Facebook: TeamChaosRacing
Twitter: teamchaosrac1ng
Instagram: teamchaosracing

Team Chaos

We are humbled by all the votes we’re receiving for this!!! We are also humbled by the kind words Kurt Hansen who is now with CBS Sports said in this Race Central TV coverage brought to you by our good friends at with our minor additions to make it #teamchaosracing centric. It covers the Trail Hero 2016 event and has some action footage of us and snippets of the interview we did with Kurt. Will let his words speak to what Laurie aka #tcrladycrawler is about; “The New Rockstar of this Industry”, he was “Blown away” and “Incredibly Impressed”!

WOW! Those are big shoes to fill! We are confident 2017 will be our year and would love the chance to show everyone! Our 2017 Moto is #getuncomfortable So take a look at the Trail Hero video below and continue to vote for us. If not for us at least vote for the other great competitors in the running! Thanks again! We appreciate you!


Lil Rich

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We have been looking at the registered users that have voted. We will update you soon with the "Adjustment" to the vote. I will say this... 2 candidates have multiple votes from the same IP address, at a tune of up to 4 per minute. This will be addressed.

Lil Rich

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BTW, There is no connection to the voters IP and the entrants IP addresses.The extra votes have not been accurately tied to any single participant, therefore there is currently no repercussions. The real numbers after proper adjustments are as follows. 71 Ben, 48 Dustin, 41 Laurie, the other participants numbers are accurate.

Lil Rich

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After looking at our Vote Hack, which could not be pinpointed to any particular person or competitor in this vote, the standings of the vote are as follows...

Ben Denkers: 71 Votes (Winner and owner of the Last Trail Breaker Postion)
Dustin Bailey: 51 Votes (1st Alternate)
Laurie Gray: 41 Votes (2nd Alternate)

We are pleased to announce that Ben Denkers will be joining us during the All-Pro Trail Breaker event in Moab, Utah on April 11th at Noon. This event is free to spectate, so bring the family and enjoy watching the best rock crawlers fight to complete the newest and hardest trail in Moab, Utah. We will soon conduct a live feed from Facebook for the Drawing Party where we will decide what the running order for the Trail Breaker will be. The Drawing Party will be Wednesday April 5th at 7pm MST.