WARN Premium Winch Accessories

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Last week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, WARN released four new products in their Premium Winch Accessories collection. From a redesigned winch hook to an updated tree trunk protector, the new products are built to withstand any trail situation you might encounter in your Jeep. Let’s take a look at the four new Premium Winch Accessories from WARN …

Premium Winch Hook
The WARN Premium Winch Hook features a Cerakote coating to provide it with maximum protection and reliability against any wear and abrasion it’ll encounter while in use in on the trail. Not only is it built to perform and look cool, it has with a built-in bottle opener for enjoying a cold one after a tough winching scenario. The new forged Premium Winch Hook is available in three different varieties: 18,000 lb. capacity winches and under, 10,000 lb. capacity winches and under, and for 5,000 lb. capacity winches and under.
Premium Shackle
The new forged Premium Shackle provides you with the ability to connect the looped ends of winch cables, recovery straps, and/or snatch blocks. The pin is threaded for easy removal and operation. The Premium Shackle features the same Cerakote coating as the Premium Winch Hook for maximum protection against wear and abrasion. The shackle is available in two different sizes: 18,000 lb. capacity winches and under and 5,000 lb. capacity winches and under.
Premium Snatch Block
It’s hard to think of a snatch block as sexy, but the new Premium Snatch Block from WARN is definitely that! Coated with Cerakote for maximum protection against elements and abuse in the field, the Premium Snatch Block works with both traditional wire (cable) and synthetic rope. According to WARN, “When used properly, the multi-purpose snatch block can double the pulling power of any winch or change your pulling direction without damaging the rope. It also helps to reduce heat buildup and amp draw during recovery.” The new snatch block comes in two sizes for both Jeep and ATV/UTV owners. Check out the 12,000 lbs rated block here or 5,000 lbs rated block here.
Premium Tree Trunk Protector
To complete your recovery kit, WARN has also released the Premium Tree Trunk Protector Strap. Designed to help protect trees from damage during winching and recovery situations, the strap is made of premium quality nylon. It also has an encased red warning marker to indicate damaged webbing. The end loops are reinforced with forged ring connected and coated with Cerakote as well for maximum protection against the elements and wear. The Premium Tree Truck Protector is available in three different sizes: 4″ x 8″ Tree Trunk Protector rated to 30,000 lbs., 2″ x 8′ Tree Trunk Protector rated to 14,400 lbs., and a 1″ x 8′ Tree Trunk Protector rated to 7,200 lbs.

For more information about any of these products, visit the WARN website or contact your nearest local authorized WARN dealer.

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