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Oct 12, 2010
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The internet is filled with information, and it's often a hard choice to decide where to spend your online time and energy.

The RockCrawler.com Forum features a few things that many others do not:
  • PRIVATELY owned (ie: all my fault, and responsive to your requests)
  • The latest XenForo forum software, fully desktop/tablet/mobile browser responsive
  • UNLIMITED photo/gallery space for ALL users with 25+ posts
  • Mobile App (Tapatalk) for your Android or iOS device
  • Integration with your current social networks (Twitter/Google/Facebook)
Welcome :cool:


Some basics, and guidelines:

This is NOT a porn site. Images/Avatars/etc that cross NWS (not work safe) lines will be removed, and if you persist, your account will be removed too.

Language: I curse, and it's occasionally appropriate...but if your typing skills consist of more f-bombs than words over 4 letters, expect a friendly reminder...

There are membership tiers...registration = one less ad...25+ means another ad-slot disappears...etc.

Vendors: At present, the Vendor corner is FREE for promotion. Include your business URL in your signature line, and link it. Build threads are welcome and encouraged. Future features will include special opportunities for Supporting Businesses.

More as I think of it... :rolleyes:
Not open for further replies.
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