What type of straps do you keep around?


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What type of straps (tie downs or tow) do you keep on hand at all times?

Full disclosure, I am doing research for ShippersSupplies.com


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I've got a variety, most of the new stuff is from Macs. Tie down process depends on the rig....rear is always an axle strap to a web ratchet with latching hooks....IFS rigs get similar. My 80 J-arm front susp gets a chain, and the FToy varies (chain front, straps rear usually) Chain gets set, reverse to tighten, then strap the rear.

I've got a huge assortment of straps....used to have a unique set for each rig :)


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chains for sharper edges....A arms and round tubing is easy with a strap, but other points are best with a chain that won't fray or get cut....I've also used chains around Toyota knuckles balls, keeps the grease off the straps :)


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I use straps with axle straps almost exclusively. I am not a huge fan of chains but have used them in the recent past. It all depends on the application. Most of my rigs take axle straps well.

The Maker of the straps has varied significantly over the years. I am not a diehard anyone specifically. Most of the purchases are convenience driven instead of brand loyalty. I know I should pay more attention to the makers, but....

I have converted the ratchet end of a couple straps to chains. It just works a lot better to tie into the stake pockets of my trailers.
Basically like this but with a hook on the end.

one thing I have always been interested in are the wheel straps. a set of those that will accommodate a 35 to 40" tire would be very useful I would think. Something like this but heavier duty.


As stated above, I use an assortment. On my GN trailer, I use a chain attached to the neck that runs to the front bumper of the vehicle. The rear gets chained around the diff. The rear vehicle gets a single chain around the diff, then tensioned, and a single chain around the front. (over the axle tube, under the diff, over the other tube)

My toy hauler was a little more challenging. I used chains around the tube to make a loop, then used straps in an X from the tie point to the loop (on both vehicles).

When I haul a single vehicle on the deck of the truck, I use nets over the front tires, and a strap from the rear axle to the deck tie point. Not the best solution, but very limited on room.


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I use standard ratchet with latching eyes on each end (direct hook on ratchet with no strap) to dedicated D ring on trailer and dedicated tiedown hoop on axles. Makes tieing down quick and easy.