Apr 26, 2019
Rochester Hills, Michigan
We just got back accouple of days ago. Windrock got the best of us this year. We were there from Tuesday June 18 to Monday June 24. I basely rained everyday we were there. lol We still wheeled. We were doing good until Friday. #0 feet off the pavement (P1) we were struggling to get up this 3 foot ledge. My wife tells me to back up and move over a few feet. So I did (should have know better, last year when I did what she said we flopped). And when I tried the ledge we still didn't make it. went to back up and drivers rear tire fell into a hole and over we went. drivers side again. everyone was ok (only had 3psi in). Bent a tube (c pillar support) and the door. Had to climb over the door for the rest of the day. lol. Which was hard for me these days. getting older not as flexible. After pulling a couple plugs and cranking the oil out. she started up and away we went (went back to 5psi). We were doing good for the most part. then we hit the last tough trail of the day. Another ledge. but this one had a step drop off on 1 side. again we could not make it. I gave it one last try and it hooked and launch the front about 3 to 4 feet in the air. but the rear did not make it up the ledge. and when the front came down it pulled the bung out of the passenger side lower 4 link bar.(I did not weld this link, previous owner did) Which slide the axle forward quit a bit. which in turn pull the front driveshaft apart. Someone in our group had a come-along. Which we used to pull the axle back into place and hooked the driveshaft back together and re inserted the bung back into the tube. Make it back to the camp ground. Broke out the welder from jeep first aide box. Welded the bond back in. (boy do I need to practice or up my stick welding skills LMAO). Ate dinner went to sleep. went out the next day. No problems. Wheeled all day. made it up everything. Made it back to camp. ate then some of us decided to do a night run. WE went out and about 1 mile into the trail went over a hump and there was a washout (from all the rain) on the passengers side. We hit down hard. but not really bad. Then I noticed something was not right. the front was not sitting level and we were hitting hard on every little bump. Get the flash light out and look at the front. When we hit we broke the lower mount on the divers front coil over off. So we pull over and let everyone pass. head back to camp broken again. Get back and tell the wife. She is really bummed as we were supposed to do some site see the next day. So we go to sleep. I get up early and go out and start looking at it. Take the limiting strap off and jack it up using the hi lift. Was looking at when one of the guys I was wheeling with came over. Told him I was going to use some tie wraps to hold it in place so that I could take the wife out site seeing. He said he had some JB Weld and wanted to know it I wanted to try it. So I did and wrapped it with about a dozen tie wraps. It started to rain so we went got something to eat while it was raining. Some of the people were leaving as it was Sunday now. So after we said our good byes. we headed out to do some site seeing. Us and anther jeep. We went and seen a old WW2 radar site, and closed mine. they still had all their equipment still in place. there was a security guard there. we talked to him and he let us look around. It was pretty neat. Also made it to accouple of look outs and found an old graveyard from the 1800s. Made it bake to camp ok but late. we were out 10.5 hours and did close to 30 miles.
loaded up headed home the next day. then spent the 2 days ordering parts. they should be coming in the next week. then repair and get it ready for the next rip. The first weekend in August.


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Oct 12, 2010
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Sounds like a good time :) I had too many of those trips for a few years!!

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