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JPFreek.com Women of SEMA 2013

Discussion in 'Offroad News' started by JPFreek, Nov 29, 2013.

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    Nov 29, 2013

    Everyone knows that beautiful women and car shows seem to go hand in hand. SEMA is no exception. While checking out all the new Jeep and off-road products throughout the week, our photographers snapped a couple shots that we thought some of you might enjoy. Here are some of the Women of SEMA 2013.

    Oh, and ladies – don’t think we weren’t looking out for you too. Unfortunately, none of the booths or displays had any male models leaning over the Jeeps. Well, that is unless you count Wille Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Maybe you can send a note so some of these companies and tell them you want some eye candy for the 2014 show.

    ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_2.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_3.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_4.jpg

    ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_5.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_6.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_7.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_8.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_9.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_10.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_11.jpg ajpfreek.com_wp_content_uploads_2013_11_women_of_sema_12.jpg

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