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Jul 6, 2014
GEOLANDAR X-AT™ takes first place, ADVAN Apex™ and GEOLANDAR X-CV® earn runner-up awards

SANTA ANA, CA – (Nov. 5, 2019) – Three “Best New Tire” awards were handed out at the SEMA New Products Award Breakfast in Las Vegas…and Yokohama Tire won them all. Yokohama’s GEOLANDAR X-AT™ extreme all-terrain tire was named the “Best New Tire,” and the ultra-high-performance ADVAN Apex™ and the luxury SUV and crossover GEOLANDAR X-CV® earned runner-up awards.

The competition recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of products being introduced to the automotive specialty equipment market at the SEMA Show. 

“Winning a prestigious SEMA New Product Award is a major achievement, but sweeping the category is unprecedented and a testament to the strides we’ve made in terms of our new products,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama’s vice president of marketing and product management. “2019 has been a watershed year for Yokohama as we’ve launched nine new consumer tires, including...
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