Yota problems

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Nov 11, 2012
Well the 3.0 is got a lil knock to her and its time to make a decision, rebuild,remanufactured,or swap a used 3.0 or 3.4 . I am on a very tight budget but need a reliable truck for a long time. the 3.0 dosent have much power but im not to worried about that. Could possibly gain a few HP with a header. Id like to hear some opinions on the cheapest but also best route to go to have a strong running trucj for a while
IMO, ditch the 3.0 and update to the 3.4...much better powerplant to work with...

I had a 1995 mini with the 3.0...never again...
I had never really had any issues out of the 3.0 until now the head gasket held up , it smoked a lil right at start up then would quit. I drove it like that for 2 years and recently just replaced the clutch and bought a spare Trans. So thats why I was kinda leaning towards a remanufactured 3.0. I just have heard that the wiring on the 3.4 swap is pretty tricky
I found a good running 3.0 for cheap only thing is the truck is an auto. Can I still use that engine for my truck because I have a manual. the motor is from an 88 and mines a 92 but I heard the older 3.0 motors held up better than the newer ones
The mounting pattern won't make a lick of difference....but the computer/harness may vary...

I would confirm accessories are the same tho, there may be some variations in model years for that motor

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