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Off Your Rocker Corner Guards
w/Custom LED Tail Lights

By Jimmy Vance

Clamp the corners in place

Place the panel over the corner and clamp it into place. Decide how you want the panel to line up and make any  adjustments. I chose to make the top edge of the panel lay slightly below the bottom of the mounting rail for the soft top. Once you have the panel aligned, drill thru the two holes in the bend of the panel and bolt it into place. There are 30 bolts, nuts, and washers packaged in the kit. This allows for 15 bolts per side. You must decide were to place the rest of the bolts. This is why I say plan for a whole weekend. measuring and spacing the bolts out can take some time.


Align the panel along the bottom edge of the soft top mounting rail

Space out the remaining bolt holes.
Drill each hole and install the bolts.

Measure and space out where you want to mount the remaining bolts. Using the punch, mark each spot to be drilled. Make sure that the hole locations are in areas that you can reach from the inside to screw the nuts onto the bolt threads. Drill, install, and tighten bolts alternately. This will pull the panel tight to the body and keep it from shifting. The panel covers over three fender flare bolt holes and the four holes for the fuel filler. Use a scribe to mark these holes from inside the fender opening. Once you have the holes marked, remove the corner panels. The lowest flare attachement hole is fitted with a sleeve that needs to be removed. Drill out the remaining holes in the panel, and enlarge the three fender flare mounting holes in the body.


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