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Off Your Rocker Corner Guards
w/Custom LED Tail Lights

By Jimmy Vance

Using the template, mark and cut out the holes

Once the panels are in place, it's time to cut out the light holes. Once I decided how I wanted the lights to fit, I made a template to use as a guide for cutting out the holes. The left side is clear of any hinges, so I made the template fit the right side. I cut the template so it could be used to mark the holes on both sides of the body. To cut the holes I used a reciprocating saw (Sawzall). The saw I used isn't really made to cut around curves. Once I had the holes rough cut, I used a die grinder to clean up the holes.

Finished light cut outs

Paint the exposed bare metal edges

When you have finished cutting out the holes for the tail lights, remove the panels. De-burr any rough edges from the bolt or tail light holes. To prevent rust, I painted the edges of all the newly drilled and cut holes on both the body and the corner panels. After the paint has dried, prepare the corner guards for the final install. Make sure the panels are clean and run a bead of clear silicone around the edges of the corner guards. I also ran a bead of silicone around the bolt holes and the tail light cut outs. Carefully put the panels in place and bolt them down.

Re-install the fender flares

After the panels are bolted into place, re-attach the fender flares. Once the silicone has cured, you can trim the edges of the panels.

After re-installing the fender flares, it's time to install the lights. The Lights mount in a rubber grommet. Place the grommet in the hole and push the light into place. The lights also came with a special wiring harness that fits into the back of the unit. I cut the pigtail harness off the original lights and spliced the two harnesses together. The black wire goes to the original black wire. The red wire goes to the original wiring that has a red stripe. The white wire is ground, and must be attached to the body of the Jeep.


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