Rubicon Express Extreme Duty 5.5” TJ Lift Kit
By Chad Crowell


Here is a list of the parts included in the full kit:

  • Heavy duty crossmember
  • Frame to crossmember brackets
  • Frame sleeves for above brackets
  • Hardware to bolt brackets and crossmember to frame
  • Hardware to bolt arms to crossmember
  • 2 adjustable lower rear arms
  • 2 adjustable upper rear arms
  • 2” rear extended bumpstops and hardware
  • Extended rear brake line
  • Rear track bar bracket and hardware
  • Adjustable rear track bar
  • Extended rear swaybar links
  • Replacement rear lower shock mounts
  • 2 adjustable lower front arms
  • 2 adjustable upper front arms and hardware
  • 2” front extended bumpstops and hardware
  • Extended front brake lines
  • Front track bar drop bracket and hardware
  • Adjustable front track bar
  • Dropped pitman arm
  • 8” front swaybar disconnects with hardware (won’t be installed)
  • 4 OME gas charged shocks with hardware

Here is a list of tools you will need:

  • General shop hand tools (ratchets, wrenches, sockets, pliers, safety goggles, etc.)
  • One or more tall floor jacks
  • 2 or more tall jack stands
  • Hi-Lift jack
  • Air tools strongly recommended
  • Welder strongly recommended
  • Pitman arm puller
  • 1” & 1 3/8” hole saw
  • Extra large jaw channel-lock type pliers
  • 5/8”, ” and various smaller drill bits
  • Torque wrench
  • Factory Service Manual
  • Wheel chocks
  • A friend or two

I have worked extensively on my own suspension, as well as a few others, and know well what is involved in this operation. If you don’t, you may want to find a friend who does, or have a professional shop install the lift.

I have planned a full weekend to install the lift. And a second weekend in case the first doesn’t cut it. The plan is to get the crossmember and other random parts installed on Saturday. Rumor has it that this is the hardest part. Sunday will involve actually removing the old lift and installing the new one, as well as tweaking it after installation.


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