The vehicles in our group pulled into a small field next to the woods off of the street to form a near-circle. Everyone parked their vehicles and made any final preparations such as airing-down tires before enterring Paragon. A second debriefing by trail-leader Lynn Ehrenfeld was held. Lynn advised folks of four-wheeling techniques, keeping the person behind you in sight, and anything else that needed to be addressed.
Onlookers gathered around as Lynn spoke. Some wielded video cameras so they could experience the event again in the comfort of their own home, or show their loved ones. Some were seasoned Jeepers, while others had never been out on the trail before. The trails we were about to embark on could accomodate all vehicles, large and small, stock or modified.
Who is going to drive my truck if I'm running around taking pictures all day? This is the expert driver of my TJ, Jen Bathurst. Her job was to monitor progress of the "middle" of our relatively large group, and give status reports to Lynn while navigating the TJ through difficult terrain. All designated trail guides for the All American Jeep trail event wore light tan "Jeep" hats.
The debriefing in the field continued. The weather was perfect, but a little chilly in the morning of April 30th. We were eager to see tops off of Jeeps, but it was not meant to be. Jeep camraderie shined at this event. For the most part, everyone who "waves back" on the street in the Hazleton and Tamaqua area could be found at this gathering.

Lynn's debriefing was essentially the very same one you hear at every organized, hosted, trail-ride event. These are the instructions that inform the newcomers to the sport of four-wheeling of necessary do's and don'ts out on the trail. It is also very helpful to remind the more experience four-wheelers of these things because one day, when you least expect it, the safety tip is going to pay off on the trail.

Gonna roll? Get yer arm in! ;)

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