Everyone safely arrived back at the banquet hall, and it was chow time! The room was full of hungry Jeepers just waiting to be fed the good home buffet-style cookin' of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. The servers allowed one table at a time come up to the buffet table, as to avoid congestion problem. Our table got sorely reprimanded for going up to the buffet table before we were called. Those servers are tough, and they mean business!
I don't think this story would be complete without an excellent grub-shot such as this. The only other way to experience this fine cuisine is to sign up for the All American Jeep Trail Ride in October. It sort of makes one's mouth water to look at it. When everyone filled their plates, the participants retreated back to their designated tables.
The dimly lit auditorium full of masticating Jeepers was buzzing with conversation. No doubt people were telling storys of the day's recent misadventures. Stories were passed around about white-water streams, and gigantic monoliths that needed to be scaled in order to be granted passage to the next obstacle. Laughing, and chattering about stories with your new friends after a day on the trail is one of the most rewarding experiences four-wheeling has to offer.
The group grew silent as they focused their attention to the All American Staff at the front table. They called out participants' names so that the people could come up to the table and select an item of their choice. Jen and I were called toward the end, and we selected a set of clear and red Jeep(tm) disposable flashlights! Perfect center-console material!
The hats and t-shirts went quickly, but rest assured, after the event was complete, everyone was dressed a little more for 'wheelin, whether it was clothes drenched in mud, or a brand new Eugene the Jeep t-shirt. Overall, the Spring All American Jeep Trail Ride was a great success! It is my hope, and the hope of SUV owners across the country that more new car dealers follow in the footsteps of this fine organization. One-by-one, off-road friendly dealers are emerging from the woodwork, but we have a long way to go, and many obstacles to overcome to make this a reality.

By educating new SUV owners about driving off-road for recreation, we can open up new doors for our sport. This will help people to further understand it, and respect it. It will also make four-wheeling safer, and more enjoyable for entire families. Local commerce will be greatly affected by those communities that fully embrace our sport. More private and public land will be opened up specifically for the use of four-wheel drive vehicles, just like Paragon Adventure Park. Environmental impact will be minimized because people will be taught what is right, and what is wrong.

Thank you, All American Jeep!


If you would like more info about All American Jeep, or the All American Jeep Trail Ride event, please call (570) 668-1320.

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