Next on the agenda was the Lucky Trail. The Lucky Trail was so named because of the discovery of a horseshoe on the trail around the time that it was being blazed. Like many of the other trails that can be found in Paragon Adventure Park, it used to be an ATV trail. The Lucky Trail is mildly challenging for a stock vehicle. There are a few rocky out-croppings and some shallow pancake-batter.
The length of this trail is dotted with curious small ponds. The ponds, although I am uncertain, probably originated when the mining company came up to this part of the land and tested it for coal and other raw materials. My guess is, they came up empty, and left gaping holes to fill up with water and create picturesque ponds. Their depth is unknown, however, being a 4x4 park, I'm sure that someday someone will attempt to find out, against their better judgement.
In the back of my mind, I pictured the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard flying through the sky across the ponds. Due to light foliage, sandy mounds, and watery holes, a small group could probably easily blaze a winding trail that weaves in and out of the more subdued Lucky Trail. This trail was a good way to finish up an even better day of wheeling. Everyone was winding down, and a sense of closure had been established.
Although it was toward the end of the day, the carnage was just beginning. Somewhere along the way, this poor Commanche got a hydraulic-fluid leak, so the clutch stopped working. It wasn't a problem at the moment. We refilled it, and the Commanche was on its way.
The clutch fluid leak became a problem at a traffic light in the middle of Hazleton, unfortunately. The Commanche was then safely moved out of the road, and its passengers hopped in with somebody else. The gang at All American Jeep eagerly tackled the problem the following morning. Fortunately, for our trail ride, the only hood-popping that took place was toward the end, here on the Lucky Trail!

That was it for Jen and my TJ for the day. It was the first time that she was ever at the helm for the entire day! I'm going to have her drive more often, because it'd definately cut down on having to buy new parts. She displays much better control of the vehicle on the trail than I, and takes the strap less too!

<obligatory brownie-point gain attempt>

Our trail-ride was complete, and our group proceeded to exit Paragon Adventure Park. Our convoy headed back through town en route to where we had started at the catering place. There, we would be served a grand buffet-style meal, and the door prizes would be raffled off! Free stuff is the perfect end to any day.

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