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Monday, October 29th, 2012

ARB Intensity 194x220 ARB INTENSITY LED LIGHTSIn 2009 ARB engineers started a development program to produce an ARB driving light with a completely new design incorporating the latest LED technologies.

Unlike light bars that were growing in popularity, ARB required a light that was compatible with current bull bar designs and traditional driving light mounting points. They also needed to be a legal fitment which, in many states, light bars are not.

Many ARB customers prefer a combination of a spot and spread driving light due to the various driving conditions encountered in general off-roading. Most LED light bars on the market are considered great lights for slower off road driving where the ability to see great distances is not so critical. For ARB’s new light to compete with the best the market can offer in Halogen and HID lighting, it needed to give not only the broad flood beam associated with light bars but also a spot beam with the ability to penetrate longer distances. Read More→

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

216 220x132 JEEP WRANGLER JK STUBBY BARThe Jeep Wrangler JK stubby bar has been developed for the off-roader who is after a winch platform all while maintaining maximum clearance for larger diameter tires. Generally vehicles that run larger than 35 inch tires may rub the tire on the wings of a traditional style ARB Deluxe bar. The JK Stubby Bar eliminates this issue on the Jeep JK since the bar is only as wide as the vehicle’s grille panel. Read More→

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Trail Spikes 1.5 inch Tubing 300181 KIT 600 220x155 TRAIL GEAR RELEASES MORE TRAIL SPIKES AND INDIVIDUAL ARB REPLACEMENT PARTSFresno, CA-In response to customer requests Trail-Gear, Inc. has expanded their Trail Spike product line with the addition of Trail Spikes sized for smaller tubing and released a variety of ARB products for sale individually beginning Friday, October 19th.

“Along with the success and popularity of the 1.75-inch O.D. tubing Trail Spikes, we have received a lot of our customers asking for Trail Spikes for 1.5-inch O.D. tubing,” explains Aaron Young, Trail-Gear Engineer. “The Trail Spikes were a fun project, so I was happy to re-visit them to give the customers what they want.” The new, smaller Trail Spikes can be welded on to any 1.5-inch O.D. x .120 wall tubing in place of an end cap. They are made of 2 inches of solid steel and retail for $27 a pair via the Trail-Gear website. Read More→

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Friday, October 5th, 2012

208 220x145 2010+ TOYOTA FJ CRUISER ROOF CONSOLEToyota’s FJ Cruiser is a retro vehicle, inspired by its iconic predecessor the FJ40. The FJ40 was a capable off road vehicle, but offered little in the way of interior features. While clearly more sophisticated than its ancestor, the current day FJ Cruiser has remained true to early 40 series interior styling. It has a sparse vertical dash that offers limited storage and accessory mounting locations.

The Outback Roof Console provides a practical location for your CB or long range radio. Positioning the radio just above the rear view mirror ensures it is clearly visible from the driving position. The microphone and cable are hooked out of the way, yet are easily reached when needed. Roof consoles arrive ready for a standard DIN size radio installation with optional sized adapters available (see chart below) . Read More→


Thursday, October 4th, 2012

206 171x220 NEW ARB SKYDOME SWAGThis small ground tent is an Australian staple known commercially as a swag.

While it may look like the combination of a bivvy and pup-tent to most North Americans, the SkyDome swag boasts some remarkable features that will have you stowing your current car camping tent in the garage permanently.

This little beauty is fully waterproof and made of water and rot proof canvas, heavy enough that you won’t have to worry about snags or tears or damage from rolling around the back of your 4×4. With the optional cargo swag-bag (coming soon), strap it to your roof rack or spare tire and save your precious cabin space for more weather sensitive items. Read More→

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2012 On Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Deluxe Winch Bar

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

204 220x175 2012 On Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Deluxe Winch BarDESIGN & DEVELOPMENT:

The 2012 face lift 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser features updated head lamps, grille and bumper designs which led to the requirement for a new ARB Deluxe bar design.

With all the same features, the most noticeable difference from the previous model ARB deluxe bar is that the outer tube frame now extends from the coined edge of the wing instead of from the top surface. Additionally, all bars now have provisions for parking sensors with plastic blanking caps being supplied for models without this option. For models fitted with forward facing camera, a relocation kit is available. Read More→

Land Rover LR4 ARB Deluxe Winch Bar

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012


201 220x175 Land Rover LR4 ARB Deluxe Winch BarWith the latest model released by Land Rover, ARB engineers have created another eye-catching deluxe winch bar that is robust and practical. With folded pans, up swept wings, splash guards, Hi-Lift jack points, wing CB aerial mounts and O.E. style buffers, the Land Rover LR4 deluxe bar looks original and offers superb protection while retaining full SRS airbag compatibility. Read More→

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191 2010+ Toyota 4Runner ARB Under Vehicle Skid Plate SystemThe first skid plate panels system specifically designed for SUVs, these panels feature the same construction as the current range of panels, ie. pressed and folded 3mm steel. Due to the Prado 120/150, 4Runner and FJ Cruiser sharing the same chassis platform, the same skid plate design has been used for the four vehicles. However, a second kit has been built to suit the Prado 150 and 2010+ 4Runner with Kinetic suspension system as a slightly different lower ‘bulge’ is required in the front panel due to the positioning of the kinetic sway bar. Read More→

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New Jeep Wrangler JK Skid Plates

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Under Vehicle Skid Plates – 2007-11 Jeep Wrangler JK

185 146x220 New Jeep Wrangler JK Skid PlatesDESIGN & DEVELOPMENT:

As the first solid axle model vehicle ARB Engineers tackled for skid plates, the Jeep Wrangler JK presented many new issues that needed to be overcome. Among those, the skid plates panel had to mount in such a way that it allowed full movement of the front axle and all of its locating components during suspension cycling. Next it had to allow for the many different suspension systems and aftermarket control arms available on the market for this popular vehicle. Read More→


Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


The Safari SS1140HF snorkel is tough and stylish and has been designed to deliver a huge volume of the coolest and cleanest air possible into the standard air cleaner assembly of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ.

Like other Safari Snorkel designs, the Grand Cherokee WJ snorkel system was designed to exceed the air flow requirements of both the 4.0 & 4.7 Liter engine. The Safari Snorkel system is designed to breathe freely in order to deliver the greatest air flow performance possible for even highly modified engines. Read More→


Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Nissan Xterra, Frontier & Pathfinder


The RD181 incorporates the latest 2-piece Air Locker design features including:

  • Patented ‘timed’ locking mechanism offers high strength and ultra fast unlocking (#1, #3 & #15).
  • Steel reinforced, elastomer bonded annular seal, designed to handle the most extreme climatic temperatures on earth (#2).
  • Comprehensive photo illustration installation and service guides.
  • Patented 2 piece design offers a range of interchangeable side gears (sold separately) to integrate with non-standard axle splines.

Jeep Wrangler JK Steering Stabilizer & Bracket

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011


174 220x157 Jeep Wrangler JK Steering Stabilizer & BracketAs another integral component of Old Man Emu’s four-wheel drive suspension range, steering stabilizers are designed to reduce the effect of wheel vibration and improve the feel, handling and control of the vehicle. They will also reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel return. Read More→