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Mike Childress on his way to winning the Mint 400
Mike Childress and navigator Jimmy Hook stunned the competition when they bested a talent-rich field of 16 Class 1 Unlimited drivers at this year’s General Tire SNORE Mint 400.  “People were surprised that we beat Harvey Letner and TJ Flores in only our second race in the new THR Motorsports car,” Childress commented after the race, “but we have always known we have what it takes to win.”  Held within view of the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Great American Desert Race” is regarded as one of the most difficult and prestigious off-road races in the world.  The course features silt beds, miles of rocky moon-hills, sandy washes, high speed graded roads, and the infamous “Rock Garden”. Read More→
Ballistic BJ Baldwin pushed hard to take the checkered flag at the Mint 400BJ Baldwin came into the 2011 General Tire SNORE Mint 400 with only one goal for the weekend: victory.  After overcoming a host of setbacks to earn a second place finish last year, the only room for improvement for Ballistic BJ was an overall win.  While some series have a drawing for starting position, SNORE holds qualifying to determine starting order.  This allowed Baldwin to rely on his skills instead of the luck of the draw.  The result: a first place qualifying position in his No. 97 General Tire / Monster Energy Unlimited Truck. The top qualifying position earned Baldwin a strategic advantage on the first lap of the four lap race with clean air when the green flag dropped for the 2011 General Tires SNORE Mint 400. Read More→

King Shocks Racers Dominate at SNORE, MINT 400

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The Snore, Mint 400 takes place in some of the most evil desert terrain imaginable. The Mint course is comprised of rocks, big rocks, little rocks, sharp rocks and deeply embedded rocks that seem to be cast in concrete. The only relief from the constant pounding is a few sandy stretches and the deep pockets of blinding silt… with rocks. Read More→

Roger Norman Podiums at 2011 Mint 400

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

RENO, NV     MARCH 29, 2011  – Roger Norman was in the front pack for the entire 2011 SNORE Mint 400 finishing 3rd in the Trophy Truck class, 5th overall. After a qualifying run that had everyone talking, the #8 Crystal Bay Casino trophy truck took the second starting position.  Norman maintained the second place position for the first lap, gained the lead in the second lap but then fell back to finishing third after an hour long on course repair.  “It was rocky and dusty and tires played a huge role in the race, our BFGoodrich tires really withstood the beating,” said Roger Norman. Read More→

RENO, NV     MARCH 23, 2011   Mike Shaffer will compete in Class 10 at the SNORE Mint 400 this weekend.  Representing Torchmate Racing, Shaffer will start 15th in Class 10 in car number 1066.  “With this not being a points race for us, we have one objective and that is to not hold back, but be on the throttle from the start line,” said driver of record Mike Shaffer.  “We know with this size of a field that the winner will be the one that runs wide open with no issues to the finish, we just hope to be that team!” Read More→

Roger Norman Gunning for Mint 400 Repeat

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

RENO, NV     MARCH 22, 2011  – Roger Norman is gunning to repeat the success from last years Mint 400.  The Norman Motorsports #8 Crystal Bay Casino truck qualified and finished first last year putting Roger Norman on the podium with an amazing finish. “Winning overall coupled with taking the pole position in qualifying makes this an epic event for us,” said Norman after last years finish. Read More→

Tire maker continues with teams in off-road and ALMS, plus “eco-racing’ in the GT3 Challenge and GTC series

FULLERTON, CA (March 15, 2011) – From rugged desert terrains to legendary tracks such as Sebring International Raceway, Yokohama Tire Corporation’s motorsports program will be in full swing in 2011. Once again, Yokohama will be involved in off-road racing’s SCORE, SNORE and Lucas Oil series, as well as endurance racing in the competitive ALMS classes. Additionally, Yokohama’s breakthrough eco-racing campaign will continue in the GT3 and GTC series with its orange oil-infused ADVAN® ENV-R2™, the first – and only – environmentally-friendly tire used in a racing series.

“We’re definitely ready and eager to begin our motorsports season,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama senior manager of motorsports. “Cameron and Heidi Steele, both past off-road champions, are ready to reclaim their titles, and in ALMS, we have aligned with new racing partners.” Read More→

FULLERTON, CA. – (March 30, 2010) – It was a family affair for Yokohama off-road champions Heidi and Cameron Steele at the SNORE Mint 400 near Las Vegas over the weekend. Heidi won her first Class 7 race of the year, with a big assist from husband Cameron and teammate Jamie Campbell.

Driving her Ford Ranger (with off-the-shelf Yokohama Geolandar M/T+® tires), Heidi and her Desert Assassins team captured the race with a time of 10:47:16.296. Heidi drove the first 200 miles and was in third place when she handed the truck over to Campbell who quickly raced it into second place. Read More→

Roger Norman Monopolizes the Mint 400

Monday, March 29th, 2010

RENO, NV     MARCH 29, 2010  –  Roger Norman is the pinnacle of the 2010 Mint 400 in his Norman Motorsports Crystal Bay Casino #8 truck. Norman pole positioned, never got passed and seemed no one ever came within 2 minutes in corrected time.  “Winning overall coupled with taking the pole position in qualifying makes this an epic event for us,” smiles Norman. Read More→