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Rock Defense™ YJ Roll Cage 300152 2 KIT 6001 220x133 TRAIL GEAR RELEASES ROLL CAGE AND SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR JEEPSFresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. plans to shake things up with the launch of three new Jeep products. Trail-Gear will be debuting a new roll cage for Jeep Wranglers made from years 1987-1995 (YJs), front lower control arm brackets and cam bolts for Wranglers, Cherokees and Wagoneers with the following Body Style Designations: TJ; TJ-L or LJ; XJ; ZJ; and WJ, today (Friday, August 3rd). “We have a wide selection of off-roading products that every off-road enthusiast should have,” said Matt Messer, Trail-Gear CEO. In response to customer requests, Trail-Gear will be expanding into the Jeep market. “We saw a need for high-quality yet affordable Jeep parts in the market and want to be the one to fill it,” Messer explains. Read More→


Friday, July 27th, 2012

Tacoma Armor Pack 300208 1 KIT 220x135 TRAIL GEAR RELEASES ARMOR PACKS FOR TACOMASFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is now offering their signature armor for Toyota Tacomas in two new, all- inclusive Armor Packs. These Armor Packs offer customers an even greater savings over Trail-Gear’s already low prices.

The first of the two packs launching today (Friday, July 27), the Tacoma Armor Pack, includes bumper-to- bumper body armor for Toyota Tacomas built during the years of 1995-2004. The kit includes a choice of TG Tacoma Front Bumper, the TG Tacoma Rock Sliders, the TG Tacoma Tube Doors and the TG Tacoma Rear Bumper. All the components are made from heavy-duty 1.75″ x .120″ wall, DOM material to stand up to even the most extreme trail torture. The Armor ships raw and ready to customize. Customers may choose the original front bumper featuring the stinger or the sleek low-profile version and single or extra cab rock sliders. Read More→

JK Creeper Lock Wheels 300218 2 KIT 220x218 TRAIL GEAR EXPANDS CREEPER LOCK™ LINE WITH ADDITION OF WHEELS FOR JKsFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is expanding their product mix to include more products specifically engineered for Jeeps. They are now offering their signature Creeper Lock wheels for Jeep Wranglers made from 2007 to present (JKs). These are the same super strong, heavy duty wheels that are on all the Trail-Gear competition and test vehicles. They have been extensively tested at The Hammers in Johnson Valley, California and in numerous rock-crawling and off-road competitions. Read More→

IMG 3685 220x165 TRAIL GEAR EXPANDS ROCK DEFENSE™ LINE TO INCLUDE COMPLETE ARMOR FOR FJ CRUISERSFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is now offering their signature armor for FJ Cruisers. Trail-Gear is releasing their complete line of Rock Defense™ trail armor for FJ Cruisers today (Friday, July 13). The line consists of two styles of front bumper with optional skid plate upgrade; as well as a rear bumper with optional additional support tube kit. Consumers may choose to outfit their FJ Cruiser with the full armor pack that includes a choice of standard or low-profile front bumper, with the FJ Cruiser Transfer Case Skid Plate, FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders and FJ Cruiser Rear Bumper. Read More→

PS Pump with Tacoma Serpentine Pulley kit 130329 1 KIT med 220x168 TRAIL GEAR ADDS POWER STEERING PUMP WITH TACOMA SERPENTINE PULLEY KIT TO ROCK ASSAULT™ LINEFresno, CA-In response to customer requests, Trail-Gear has expanded its Rock Assault™ line with the addition of a Power Steering Pump with Tacoma Serpentine Pulley kit, released today (Friday, June 15, 2012).

This new steering kit combines Trail-Gear’s 1,450 PSI or 1,650 PSI power steering pumps with a Tacoma Serpentine Pulley. The TC style power steering pumps feature all steel housings to handle extreme heat and put out 4 GPM or 4.5 GPM of flow and 1,450 PSI or 1,650 PSI of pressure, respectively. Each pump is bench tested to ensure quality. The 1,450 PSI pump is designed for use in a hydraulic ram assist application and the 1,650 PSI pump will run all full hydraulic applications popularly used in rock crawling today. The 1,650 PSI pump has a #6 JIC male fitting on the pressure port and a #10 JIC fitting on the suction side. Read More→

Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing 144058 K 220x60 TRAIL GEAR RELEASES ROCK ASSAULT™ 9 AXLE HOUSINGS WITH 3.5 INCH TUBING  Fresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. is expanding their Rock Assault™ 9 line with the option of 3.5 inch tubes for the Rock Assault™ Axle Housings today (Friday, June 8, 2012). “The increased tube diameter offers hard-core wheelers a little more strength and resistance to bending when taking on those extreme obstacles,” said Matt Messer, Trail-Gear CEO. “The Rock Assault™ 9’s strength and durability has been proven in competition and on the trails. The 3.5-inch tubing just takes it to the next level.” Read More→

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Down and Dirty 300114 1 KIT 220x180 TRAIL GEAR LAUNCHES BUNDLED PACKAGES TO OFFER GREATER SAVINGS TO CUSTOMERSFresno, CA-Today (Friday, June 1, 2012) Trail-Gear, Inc. is launching a series of bundled product packs at discounted prices. “We are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with greater value. We put together some innovative product packages to provide exceptional value,” said Matt Messer, Trail-Gear CEO. Read More→

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Tacoma 50 State Legal Header

Friday, May 25th, 2012


Rock Ripper™ Tacoma 2.7L Header 180308 1 KIT 220x108 Tacoma 50 State Legal HeaderFresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. has expanded their Rock Ripper™ line with the addition of a 50 State Legal Header for Toyota Tacomas and significantly reduced the prices of the existing headers in the line this week. “We want to offer our customers the best parts at the best prices,” said Matt Messer, CEO at Trail-Gear.

Trail-Gear’s Rock Ripper™ line will now include a 50-State legal header for 1995-1998 2.7L Toyota Tacomas. The Trail-Gear Rock Ripper™ 50 State Legal Tacoma Header features polished, 1/16” thick stainless steel tubes going into a ½” thick header-to-head mounting flange and a stainless steel full-band exhaust clamp. It is TIG welded and polished to give it a clean look. The Trail-Gear Rock Ripper™ 50 State Legal Tacoma Header comes with all gaskets, hardware and full-color installation instructions. It is smog legal in California, thereby making it legal in all 50 states. Trail-Gear headers typically add about 5 horsepower to engine performance. Read More→

TJ Rock Sliders 220x110 TRAIL GEAR RE RELEASES ROCK SLIDERS FOR 1997 2006 JEEPS WranglersFresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. re-released their Rock Sliders for 1997-2006 Jeep Wranglers (TJ models) today (Friday, May 11, 2012). Trail-Gear has redesigned their TJ Rock Slider and is now offering them at a better price than before.
Rock Sliders or Rockers Guards are used to provide protection to the rocker panels of vehicles. Trail-Gear’s TJ Rocker Guards and TJ Rock Sliders have been developed specifically to work with the TJ model of Jeep Wrangler. Trail-Gear’s heavy duty Rocker Guards and Rock Sliders are designed to take a pounding from the rocks while keeping body damage to a minimum, allowing Jeeps to slide over or between rocks on even the hardest trails without damage. Trail- Gear’s TJ Rocker Guards are made from 3/16” heavy plate steel. The TJ Rock Sliders use the same 3/16” heavy plate steel with an added Rock Tube for additional side protection that can also be used as a step. The Rock Tubes are 1 ½” OD x .120 wall 1035 DOM tubing. Read More→
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Team Trail-Gear Triumphs at Cinco de Baja

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Trophy Shot 165x220 Team Trail Gear Triumphs at Cinco de BajaFresno, CA-Team Trail-Gear Racing took home top honors at the Ultra4 Western Regional Series Cinco de Baja race just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Driver Matt Messer and co-driver James Schofield beat out more than 50 drivers across 12 classes to achieve the overall fastest time and the unofficial fastest lap speed of the race. Read More→

Pre Filter 5 inch 220x217 Trail Gear Release Rock Ripper(tm) Dust Defense Pre FilterFresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. released the latest addition to their Rock Ripper™ line today (Monday, May 7, 2012). The Trail-Gear Rock Ripper™ Dust Defense Pre-Filter is made from high-quality polyester with an elastic cuff to ensure a snug fit and is designed to run without oil. It extends filter life by preventing large dust particles from entering the air filter, keeping it cleaner longer. Read More→
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Tacoma Cold Air Intake 220x134 TRAIL GEAR EXPANDS ROCK RIPPER™ LINE WITH NEW COLD AIR INTAKE FOR TACOMASFresno, CA-Trail-Gear expanded its Rock Ripper™ line with the addition of a Cold Air Intake for the 1995-2000, 2.7L, 4 cylinder Toyota Tacoma, which it released today (Friday, April 20, 2012). The Trail-Gear Rock Ripper™ Cold Air Intake can also be used on 1995-2000 Toyota 4Runners. This product will allow consumers to stay on the trails longer before vehicle performance drops off due to a clogged filter. Read More→