Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000

Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000

by / 0 Comments / 9 View / February 18, 2011

Trail-Gear understands when you have a link or even leaf sprung suspension, that during a vertical climb or decent, your suspension will unload making your truck less stable as the center of gravity becomes higher. Our answer to this problem is a small, easy to mount suspension winch that will allow you to stabilize your suspension and effectively control how much suspension droop you have during times when having that control makes all the difference.

Most competition buggies and hard core trail rigs have been using thes­e suspension winches for years to get the job done, so Trail-Gear has decided to offer the Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000. It is compact, reliable, and easy to install. Everything about the Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000 is tailored so that installation is a snap.

The power cord is 57” long, so you can install this winch on the front or rear of your truck and have plenty of wire to reach the battery, the control is engineered so that it can be installed by attaching it to a piece of tubing, a shifter, or by using the bracket to fasten it to a switch panel.

The Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000 is shipped without winch line and can either be used with cable or synthetic winch line. We recommend 25′ to 40′ of 5/16″ winch line for best performance.


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