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HyLoft Releases New Tire Loft — Garage Ceiling Storage Unit for Tires

Las Vegas, NV –– The Tire Loft, a heavy-duty multi-storage tire rack, powder coated black/red rack with chrome bars, was designed to store off season, recreational, racing or ATV car and motorcycle tires. HyLoft’s Tire Loft features automotive-inspired design, style, color, strength and adjustability for different size tires and can hold up to 375 lbs. Using just four lag screws in the wall studs, installation is easy. MSRP $89.95.

With telescoping adjustments to 66” in width and 28.5” in length, the Tire Loft gets your tires off the garage floor and within easy reach. HyLoft believes the unit will be a welcome addition to all automotive enthusiasts and specialty retailers like Schuck’s, Pep Boys or Les Schwab.

HyLoft designed the unit with the flexibility to allow different size tires up to 36″ diameter to fit on the tire rack. This was accomplished with the adjustability for the three chrome tubes. The wider the placement of the tubes the larger the wheel and tire diameter it will hold.

“We believe the full color packaging and graphics will help sell the Tire Loft to a wide range of US Auto parts retailers and car and truck enthusiasts,”said John Rudberg, National Sales Director, Diamond Storage Concepts.

Based in Las Vegas, Diamond Storage Concepts has acquired the patents and rights to manufacture the HyLoft brand ceiling and wall storage products and accessories.

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This Hyloft tire rack is an economical solution for storing bulky tires. Most other tire racks I have seen cost a lot more. I glad they also made it adjustable to fit different size tires correctly.

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