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Introducing: Medieval Door Systems


The doors have always come off of Jeeps, but until now no one has addressed what to do with them once they are removed. Attempting to store them inside the vehicle is dangerous, and takes up valuable cargo and passenger space, not tomention scratching them when they rub against each other. The alternatives aren’t much better – leaving them somewhere chained to a tree or bike rack, lugging them up steps into an apartment or hotel,  or being forced to drive in wet or cold weather because you left them at home.   Worst of all is simply not taking them off when you really waned to.

All those problems are solved with the Halberd™ Door Rack.

The rack quickly and easily mounts to your roll bar using existing hardware.  There is no cutting drilling or welding required, and it is easily removed in less time than it takes to put a soft top down. The doors are held firmly to the rack in exactly the same way they are held on the vehicle itself – with 2 hinges.  For added security they are also cradled by sturdy quick-release trays which mount to the body of the Jeep using exhausting holes.

Manufactured in the U.S. The Halberd™ Door Rack is available exclusively from Medieval Door Systems.

For more information or dealer inquiries please call 717.554.3052 or visit


The Essential Foot Peg is just what you need when your doors are off.

If you’ve ever removed your doors, you know it’s just natural to want to rest your outside foot on something that just isn’t there. The Essential Foot Peg™ simply drops into the empty lower hinge on your Jeep when the door is removed, and provides a comfortable foot rest and allows you to comfortably extend your leg just like a “highway peg” on a motorcycle.  Machined from steel and black powder coated, it is built tough to last for years.

Sold in pairs, the Essential Foot Peg™ from Medieval Door Systems is the best way to travel in style and comfort when your doors are off!


Cover your Co2 bottle or fire extinguisher in durable style with M.D.S. Tank Covers by ScubaHides™.

Originally designed for the harsh environments of Scuba diving, these tough, durable tank covers are NOT STICKERS, but a removable, reusable 2-ply system of Vinyl and PVC which is heat shrunk onto the cylinder with a normal hair dryer.

100% waterproof and UV proof, these durable covers are ready to take on the rigors of the trail in style.  Choose from over a dozen cool or funny designs and make your cylinder truly unique.

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