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FAST-Aid Fundraisers Raise the OffRoad Community to a New Level

FAST-Aid Relief Fund Surpasses $130,000 for MDR California 200 Accident


MESA, AZ – SEPTEMBER 6, 2010:  August 14, 2010 changed the lives of many in the off road community.  Some lost loved ones, some suffered injuries, and some remember a scene that will be hard to forget after the California 200 Accident.  On the same day, the off road community rallied together to support everyone involved.  Over 15 days later, there is no sign of this solid family throttling back.

Fundraisers to help the California 200 Accident have been held in multiple states with celebrities and racers making appearances and speaking out in support of FAST-Aid and their efforts to help the community members.  FAST-Aid has already assisted with several funeral expenses and have been available for any of the families needs. “Our family did not have extra money to pay for funeral costs. We don’t even know what we would do if it wasn’t for your help,” wrote a family member of the deceased in a note to FAST-Aid.  Doctor bills from the injured are next on the priority list to allocate, and then there will be funds for the children of the deceased and emotional support for anyone suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome.  “I am sure I will need help with the medi-flight, there seems like there were at least 10 choppers there,” said one of the most severely injured at a recent fundraiser where he attended to show his reciprocal support.

“Our website is trying to keep up with the overwhelming response to hold fundraisers,” explains Jared Tetzlaff, President of FAST-Aid.  “The events page has the list of the events that have been approved.  If you know of someone that is interested in hosting a FAST-Aid fundraiser, we are extremely appreciative, we just need to have them fill out the appropriate paperwork that is downloadable on the events page so we can ensure the funds that are collected are accounted for within our system.”

To date, the California 200 fund has exceeded $130,000 with a response from over 1,000 generous donors.  All of the recent Dezert People 8 movie premiers have been fundraiser including the event at Norman Motorsports gifting $10,000 and K1 Speedway raised several thousand dollars.  There have also been many other fundraisers including Fast Lap who held two events that raised nearly $10,000, and a local car wash raised $2,000 which was matched by the parking lot owner Off Road Warehouse.  Multiple large donations have been received from Mango Racing, 4 Wheel Parts, Green Army Racing, Fox Racing Shox, Rock & Roll Off-Road, Race-Dezert and Patricks Signs.  Dezert People 8 has been especially generous donating a portion of the DVD sales at the premiers as well as a potion of the door sales to the cause.

To donate specifically to help the California 200 casualties, please go to and note “California 200” on your donation and 100% of the funds received will be applied to assisting their families in this difficult time. Donations are tax-deductible. We are paying expenses directly to the people they owe money to.  If they have already put expenses on a credit card, they will provide receipts for reimbursement or we will pay the credit card directly.  This is the policy for all racers we help.

Video of Injured Travis Bonnar at Norman Motorsports Fundraiser:

Video of Norman Motorsports Fundrasier:

Video of Poison Spyder / Off Road Warehouse Fundraiser:

Channel 6 News on Norman Motorsports Fundraiser:

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