DuraLine™ Recovery Kit

The DuraLine™ Recovery Kit has everything you need to get you or your buddy’s vehicle out of the toughest terrain. This Recovery Kit will include high quality polyester bag filled with your favorite DuraLine™ recovery items such as DuraLine™ Tree Saver Straps, DuraLine™ Recovery Straps, DuraLine™ Snatch Block, and much more!

Kit Contains:

 DuraLine™ Tree Saver Strap (3” x 8’)

 DuraLine™ Recovery Strap (3” x 30’)

 D-ring Shackle

 DuraLine™ Soft Shackle

 DuraLine™ Snatch Block

 DuraLine™ Recovery Gloves

 DuraLine™ Polyester Rope Guard

 DuraLine™ Winch Hook Strap

 DuraLine™ Polyester Carry Bag

DuraLine™ Recovery Kit, 303808-KIT, $156.45

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