For Sale: 2004 Unlimited Wrangler

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2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
78,000 miles
3 tops- Hard top, soft top, bikini top
103" Wheelbase
Body bobbed to TJ specs
4.0 and automatic transmission
4:1 low-range NV241OR transfer case
Tom Woods rear drive shaft.
Rear D44: Trussed, ARB, Yukon 4:88 gears, Alloy USA axles.
Front high pinion D30: Trussed, ARB, Yukon 4:88 gears, Alloy USA inner and outer shafts and billet seals
One Ton over knuckle steering.
Front suspension is three link, Custom TnT long arm using OME 2.5 soft springs.
Rear suspension is double triangulated long arm using 106AA springs. Outboarded shocks.
37" Goodyear MT/R w/ KEVLAR
Comp cut rear.
Rokmen Highline fenders
Campbell Ent. glass hood (modified). AutoFab hood pins and under hood accessory relocation.
Currie bump stops front and rear. (modified)
Custom "belly-up" skid and cross member.
Currie Anti-Rock.
Front and rear L.E.D. lights.
SuperWinch EPi 9.0 winch
RCI fuel cell.
RedTop Optima in BTF mount (modified).
Uniden CB radio, Firestick antenna.
The Source C02 tank.
Empi RaceLine seats (3)
U-Pol Raptor tub liner.
PolyPerformance Racing steering wheel w/ quik disconect.

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