For Sale: 2017 JHF - Portal Buggy - LS3 / 300M / SuperHydra etc...

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This build was complete in March of 2017. I’ve wheeled some of the hardest trails in Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California. This is a load up, go run the big boy trails and come home. This was a turn key build that Jess built. It will be fully prepped for the new owner at prior to purchase. I’m more then happy to show it in Arizona and take you wheeling for serious buyers. Everything was brand new in March of 2017. It doesn’t need anything other then maybe new panels, which will be provided.

So many extras come with this like RCV shafts and Branik 300m shafts, extra fuel pump, Portal spares, 11 tires, 10 wheels, extra hoods, grills, panels and a lot of other little stuff.

Price: 100,000
Location: AZ

Contact: Ben - 760-577-1310

The Entire build process was documented. You can find lots of photos some video, with various skins, hoods etc.

Buggy Specs:

Build Pics:

A few videos:

Random Wheeling pics:

Also you can see a bunch of video / pics on my Instagram:

Also you can see a bunch of video / pics on my Instagram:

Please let me Let me know if you have any questions.

Motor: GM LS3 (6.2 376) Crate Motor (GM hot Cam.
Power: 495/476
Battery: Red Top
Radiator: CBR with Dual 16” Fans
Transmission: Reid Racing SuperHydra TH400 - Reverse
Fuel: 15 Gallon JHF (RCI sending Unit)
Transfer Case: Atlas 3.8
Fuel Pumps: AEM

Body Interior:
Body Panels: Trentfab Poly hood + Aluminum Sides
Skid Plate Material: AR500
Pedal Assembly: Willwood
Seats / Harness: PRP
Electronics: Rugged Radio and intercom.
Winches: Warn 10s front / 3s rear suckdown
Gauges: Speedhut (Fuel, speedo, rpm, volt, water temp and gas pressure)

Suspension: JHF 4 Link – Heat Tread chromoly links
Front Shocks: 16” ORI
Rear Shocks: 16” Ori
Front housing: Trailgear 9” with JHF portals
Rear Housing: Trailgear 9” with JHF Portals
Front Diff: Currie 3rd member (3.0 gears) with ARB locker
Rear Diff: Currie 3rd member (3.0 gears) with ARB Locker
Front Safts: RCV Outer and Branick 300m inner
Rear Shafts RCV Outer and Branick 300m inner
Front Brakes Spidertrax Rotors / Wilwood Calipers
Hydro Pump: Howe Trophy Truck
Front Steer Ram: PSC 3” x 9”
Rear Steer Ram: PSC 3” x 9”

Design: JHF Buggy
Material: Chromolly 1.75 and 1.5
Overall wheelbase 110”
Overall Length: 12’
Belly pan Clearance: 21”
Axle Diff clearance” 20”
Overall Height: 72”
Wheel track: 85” with 42’s 81” with 39s
Weight estimate: 3400
Wheels: Five 20” Trail Ready and Five 17” trail ready
Tires: 42” BFG and 39” BFGs

Quart Carrier
Cool Shirt Carrier
Tote Carrier
Lots of extra parts
Rigid LED Rock lights (6)
Rigid 40” removable lightbar


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